RIP Critical Chain?  

Critical chain is not dead, but after many years of it being the primary technique for analyzing schedules and prioritizing tasks, there’s a better alternative today.  As many project managers increasingly abandoned the much-hated, cumbersome to maintain, too long, and unclear Gantt chart, they subsequently discontinued using critical chain. A typical Gantt chart could easily […]

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Meeting Your Business Goals Using Project Portfolio Management

How do you know if you’re on track to meet your business goals? This is a million dollar question. Most people are looking at the data – but what data you are looking at, is it visually organized, and is it answering the right questions? Many workplace tools come loaded with dashboards, which purport to […]

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How To Convince Your Boss You Need A (New) Project Management Tool [Or Anything Else]

Both platforms offer strong collaboration tools. Where Trello falls short is in project planning and managing complex projects – and this is something Proggio will help with. Remember the disaster with the McCracken project? We could have avoided that three week delay with Proggio – that dependency chain we never saw would have been part […]

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