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Our Approach

Our Approach

Proggio is based on a holistic approach to project portfolio management, focusing on managerial and team alignment, and on connecting delivery targets with project plans and execution – all the way to delivery with confidence.

How the Adaptive
PPM Was Born


Frustration Builds

Founder and CEO Yaniv Shor was tortured by inefficient PM solutions, first as a project manager, then as PMO director, relying on Excel and PowerPoint. The whiteboard was becoming obsolete, and the Gantt chart was over a century old, but these were still the go-to systems for creating project plans. There had to be a better way!


ProjectMap™ Emerges

Yaniv and co-founder Barak Schiby began brainstorming a different approach to project planning and management, one based on the way humans actually plan—starting with the goal and working backwards, breaking down the process into individual, integrated and dependent tasks and steps—rather than creating a complex set of rows and columns. They realized they’d have to abandon the Gantt-based system and develop an entirely new data structure. The duo built a model and secured a provisional patent.


Patent Secured

Yaniv and Barak secured a U.S. Patent for their ProjectMap™ concept and developed a visual diagram backed by a unique data approach that they could demonstrate to potential customers. They also implemented a layering function, modeled after Google Maps, that allows users to zoom in and out to see how the various layers of tasks in a project all link together.


A Company is Born

With a fully-baked concept, the team begins building a mock-up of their product with interlinked task blocks that adjust dynamically when changes are made to the project scope or timeline. They begin showing it to customers in Beta. Proggio, the company, is born.


Time to Deliver

Yaniv publishes his book, “Time to Deliver: An Innovative New Project Management Approach Revealed.” Begun in 2015 as a way to help him frame and fully develop his concept, “Time to Deliver” describes Yaniv’s revolutionary concept through the adventures of Gary, a frustrated project manager whose antiquated toolset has pushed his project to the brink of disaster. At the last minute, and just before he will surely be fired, he meets a mysterious consultant who reveals the ProjectMap™, which helps Gary put his project back on track.


Ready for Prime Time

After fine-tuning based on early adopter customer feedback, Yaniv and Barak finalize their system. By the end of the year, they’re selling the product to enterprises.


A Pivotal Moment

The COVID-19 pandemic provided a crucial opportunity: with companies moving to remote work, they needed flexible, cloud-based tools that supported distributed collaboration and real-time insights. Yaniv and his team responded, focusing on what customers needed to build more value into their product. As they developed new modules and capabilities, Proggio expands to meet customer demand.


Series A

Proggio secures a $7 million Series A investment led by US-based 2.0 Ventures with participation from existing investors Mangrove Capital Partners and Cresson Management. Later that year, Proggio is named a “Challenger” in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Adaptive Project Management—its first recognition from the seminal analyst firm.

Management Team

Yaniv Shor

Yaniv Shor

Founder, CEO

Barak Schiby

Barak Schiby

Founder, CTO

Renee Chemel

Renee Chemel

VP Marketing

Eric Theurer

Eric Theurer

VP Operations

Milat Dvir

Milat Dvir

Dir. of Sales, EMEA

Oded Wilder

Oded Wilder

VP Customer Success

Yamit Keren

Yamit Keren

Director Finance and HR

Avinoam Nowogrodski

Avinoam Nowogrodski


Investors Empowering Proggio


A word from our founder, Yaniv.

As a former PM, I have been in your shoes, and I understand the frustration of using tools that didn’t quite fit your needs. We created Proggio to solve that problem—to help you be more efficient, less stressed and more successful. Our product and our team are here for you!

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