Proggio helps Apetito prioritize work & align projects to business strategy.

Apetito is a family-owned food service business that provides catering services for schools, businesses, hospitals and retirement homes, as well as direct-to-door Meals-on-Wheels delivery of delicious, nutritious ready-made meals. With operations in Europe and Canada, the company is headquartered in Germany and employs over 11,000 in its vertically integrated operations that include recipe development, manufacturing, sales and delivery.


The Challenge

Apetito initially used non-specialized project management tools like spreadsheets, slide decks, and individual notes to manage projects across different business areas. This fragmented approach lacked integration, focus, and a cohesive strategy, as noted by Senior IT Project and Change Manager Guy Whittaker. “The downside to things like Smartsheet and Excel is that they allow you to create a monster that no one else will ever understand,” Guy said. “At the same time, every team member’s idea was to become a stand-alone project. We didn’t have a way to link them together nor how to prioritize them all based on our business strategy.”

The Solution

Turning to the Proggio platform for a streamlined solution in high-level portfolio management, Guy discovered flexibility and simplicity that allowed the Apetito team to visualize the entire project roadmap. Proggio’s refreshing approach empowers the team leads to manage projects themselves, making it a game changer for transforming the organization into a more strategically driven and structurally focused.

Your Project Portfolio


Apetito Results
  • Allows the entire organization to put the right resources to work in the right places
  • Offers the ability to zoom in on what’s most important, cut out the distractions and be more efficient with time, energy and resources
  • Brought the business and IT departments closer together
  • Significantly improved project prioritization – delivered six or seven projects this year, instead of thirty
  • Enables the organization to narrow focus and finish delivering projects before they start anything new
  • Apetito is delivering projects more effectively, rather than allowing them to languish with a team that’s overwhelmed

“Proggio offered the clarity to focus on strategic value proposition—what our customers actually need—which is critical to success.” With it, we could determine the right things for us to work on, build a case and plan, and integrate the technology and teams necessary across the organization.”

Guy Whittaker
Senior IT Project and Change Manager, Apetito

Favorite Feature

The portfolio view provides Apetitio with a simple solution that enables high-level portfolio management and prioritization. As a result, apetito is delivering projects more effectively, rather than allowing them to languish with a team that’s overwhelmed.