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Success Has A Structure.
We Provide It For Your Projects

1. Shared purpose: clarity that creates engagement

Clear project charts that people understand.  When they understand they cooperate and collaborate.

2. Momentum: the engine that drives your project forward

In a world of Agile and continuous delivery, project leaders operate through coordination and momentum.

3. Focus: actionable analytics optimize team execution

Highlight weak points, measure levels of engagement, and push the team to action.

Time to Deliver Book by Yaniv Shor

Patented approach to project management

Proggio was built based on the patented Projectmap, a fresh approach to project management

Projects come in all shapes and sizes
Use Proggio to manage them all:

Run short term, continuous delivery projects
Plan and track long term, highly integrated projects
Duplicate templates for repeating projects of similar structure
Integrate them all - in a single solution!