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Proggio brings clarity and innovation to project management - your team will love this too

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Show your success

Plan in minutes, collaborate at the speed of a click, and present easy to understand project timeline across all devices

Plan your project

Plan your project as if you were using a whiteboard

Planning with Proggio is as easy as sketching on a whiteboard and playing with it dynamically.

Let Proggio bot chase team members for updates

“One-click collaboration” and “predictive messaging” enables engagement in the right context without writing text.

One-click collaboration
Simple view of the project timeline

Presentation layer you can use for senior reporting

Present a clear and accurate picture to senior management in an easy to read easy to understand format.

Intelligent analytics to show real time project status

Proggio brings a new level of project metrics to help answer the simple yet so important question of “How are we doing?

Project metrics

More key features to come in February like Task Management improvements and User View that present tasks with project timeline orientation - stay tune!

The first project plan you’ll be able to view on your mobile device!

How does Proggio replace the tools I use now?

Project teams are just frustrated with existing solutions. Spreadsheets are static, GANTT charts are such a hassle and task management is simply not enough. Proggio is kickstarting a whole new world, and you are invited to join.
More than a spreadsheet
Your project deserves more than a spreadsheet!
Proggio shortens planning
Proggio shortens your planning process by 75%!
Easier Task Management
Task management is just not enough!