The Backbone of Successful Project Teams

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Proggio Software

Generated From The Triangle of Success

1. Shared purpose: clarity that drives engagement

Clear project charts that people understand.  When they understand they cooperate and collaborate.

2. Momentum: a journey, not a destination

In a world of Agile and continuous delivery, project leaders operate through coordination and momentum.

3. Focus: use the right Analytics that pushes the team to action

Highlight weak point, measure levels of engagement and push the team to action.

Time to Deliver Book by Yaniv Shor

Patented approach to project management

Proggio was built based on the patented Projectmap, a fresh approach to project management

How does Proggio replace the tools I use now?

Project teams are just frustrated with existing solutions. Spreadsheets are static, GANTT charts are such a hassle and task management is simply not enough. Proggio is kickstarting a whole new world, and you are invited to join.