Alcon achieves operational clarity with Proggio visual project management.

As the global leader in eye care, Alcon recognizes the critical importance of visual clarity. A global company with operations in 60 countries and patients in more than 140, the company operates in both surgical and vision care, including devices for cataract and retinal surgeries as well as contact lenses and lens care products.


The Challenge

Like many manufacturers, Alcon has relied on tools like Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint to manage its projects. Unfortunately, this created some challenges because these tools simply weren’t built for the high-velocity, dynamic demands of modern project management. Project managers were struggling to keep pace and manage risk across hundreds of individual projects, thousands of tasks and hundreds of resources with large, complex spreadsheets. Keeping executives informed with realistic and real-time data about the status of mission-critical initiatives was extremely difficult and time-consuming.

Yet, despite a massive effort, project managers were still missing a clear picture of resource allocation and projects still fell behind. Changes in strategy, the market or resource availability often demanded a fast pivot, but existing tools prevented them from adapting as quickly as leadership wanted.

The Solution

With Proggio, Alcon found the future-ready solution it needed to gain clarity, make smarter and faster decisions and achieve its bottom-line goals. Because Proggio supports multiple methods and is scalable to any size project or number of users, it offered the flexibility and elasticity Alcon needed, and its intuitive, user-friendly dashboards provided a quick time to value for the organization.


  • A clear view of proposed projects across departments, aligning them with enterprise goals
  • Better resource allocation and reduced conflicts among cross-departmental leaders and executives
  • Visual workstreams replaced unnavigable Gantt charts, enabling stakeholders and project managers to easily comprehend project status at various levels
  • Real-time data display eliminated the need for extensive data gathering
  • Project Managers can offer live, instant updates at any level, saving time previously spent on compiling reports

“The most significant challenge in projects is the velocity of change and management of its potential risks, which impacts the triple constraints—scope, cost, and time. Maintaining project team focus on the quality of deliverables is paramount.”

Philippe Rocheteau
Enterprise PMO Applications Manager, Alcon

Favorite Feature

“My program leaders and I experienced a significant revolution in the way we were able to facilitate workshops and mitigate risk scenarios by using Proggio. It has enabled us to create very complex schedules, while allowing us to paint scenario solutions for our customers by leveraging its superior visual interface. Long live ‘The Dynamic View’!”