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The world’s most respected enterprises trust Proggio to securely protect their project data in the cloud.

Cloud Security Principles

Cloud security at Proggio is the highest priority. As a Proggio customer, your organization can focus on project management while benefiting from an enterprise-grade security level. It was built for you with the best cloud infrastructure, designed to meet all of the requirements adopted by security-sensitive organizations.

  • ISO27000 certified company and cloud infrastructure
  • Ongoing penetration tests and vulnerability assessments
  • Network security, backup, firewall, and endpoint protection
  • User management, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and SSO
  • GDPR compliant privacy policy
  • HIPAA compliant

Network Security

Proggio manages its network’s physical and logical security aspects with the best available solutions. Endpoints are protected and managed with endpoint protection and central administration. The company network is protected by a firewall and employee access to critical systems is controlled with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and an SSO solution.

User Management

Application access is password-protected, and password strength is judged based on the latest security algorithms. Enterprise can define their own password strength level and enforce strong passwords or MFA.

A SAML2.0 based SSO is supported by the application, allowing Microsoft active directory, G-Suite, and OKTA users to implement a full employee lifecycle management.


Proggio is an ISO 27001 certified company, maintaining ongoing risk assessment processes, vulnerability assessments, and staff training and awareness plans.


Proggio’s privacy policy complies with the GDPR directions.

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