Proggio helps global pharma company deliver life-changing medicines to patients in need.

Proggio gives Amryt Pharma clarity and visibility in complex supply chain and manufacturing processes, streamlining procurement, testing and production for its rare disease treatments.

Amryt Pharma
Amryt Pharma

The Challenge

“Every batch is a new project, therefore there are a lot of lines for each batch. With Excel, there’s no way to know if a certain CMO has extended the timelines, how that affects the readiness of that batch or see the implications that has for accessibility for patients,” explains Ronit Ofer, Supply Chain Project Manager.

The Solution

“Proggio offers a graphical way to view the status of every project, and it’s live, so it’s much easier to communicate to stakeholders versus just showing a static list of all the dates,” said Ronit. “With Proggio, it’s easier to visualize where we are now, and whether we’ll achieve our intended timelines.”
Amryt immediately saw Proggio’s potential in solving their dilemma, by offering better visibility, the ability to work across global teams and adapt timelines on-the-fly when needed.

Amryt Pharma


Amryt Pharma
  • Enables the Amryt team to connect dependent projects
  • Provides the option to link projects that rely on each other
  • Facilitates a transparent view of expected outcomes
  • Helps identify potential hurdles in the project
  • Allows the company to understand the implications of decisions that may impact the project plan across dependent projects

“I always recommend Proggio to anyone I hear working on project management, and these days, that’s just about everyone—from supply chain and procurement to product development and manufacturing. It’s a great tool with a lot of benefits and it helps to reduce the stress of staying on top of so many moving parts in a project.”

Ronit Ofer
Supply Chain Project Manager, Amryt Pharma

Favorite Feature

As an added bonus, Proggio’s copy-and-paste feature makes it easy for Ronit to build a manufacturing scheme for all four of Amryt’s products, and then duplicate that template, changing only the lot numbers, SKUs and dates. This makes it much easier to get started on each new batch/project and saves a tremendous amount of time.

Amryt Pharma