The Proggio Difference

Why Proggio Turned to “Unlimited Users” on All Plans

Overview User adoption is a common struggle companies face when it comes to implementing any project portfolio management solution. To get the best company-wide adoption, you must have a solution that: Is flexible and can be customized to fit any role in the organization   Is easy to use with proven ability to bring value to […]

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Proggio Essence – Real-Life Example of the “New Normal”

It is said that “A picture is worth a thousand words” and indeed, screenshots are the best way to explain Proggio’s unique approach to the new-normal. Moreover, Proggio is practicing this adage in project management, and using it to make project collaboration clear and simple.  Let’s see a real-life example of screenshots taken from Proggio, […]

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Covid-19 Affect on the Project Management Space

Covid-19 significantly affects the workspace in many ways. Several years before 2020’s  pandemic, the number of people working remotely was already steadily increasing. But, when it came to managing projects, people were still relying on in-person meetings for holding discussions, solving problems, and assigning responsibilities. While working remotely from time to time, complicated operations were […]

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