Coordinates 60 Stakeholders Across The Globe Over Single Project

  • Can coordinate globally across 60 different stakeholders within just hours
  • 80 teams attended “map day” planning event
  • One day turnaround for plans generated to operational phase

Due to the intuitive operation and the clear visuals of Proggio, I can make the project management world accessible for anyone acting as project manager in my organization. As a project team, we managed to move a very complicated plan with many stakeholders into Proggio in only few hours.

Ronen Beeri / Sr. PMO and Operational Excellence Manager,


Sodastream is a market leader in sustainable soft drinks. Recently purchased by PepsiCo for $3.2 billion, Sodastream is keen on lowering plastic consumption around the world while delivering quality soft drinks in an environmentally friendly way.


Sodastream, like many large enterprises, is always looking for ways to increase company-wide coordination. Projects with multiple teams, and cross-team dependencies, need to be carefully managed. Sodastream was looking for a way to increase company-wide coordination, while promoting clarity from the top down.

sodastream project management manufacturing proggio case study


Sodastream turned to Proggio for enterprise coordination and project planning. Eighty teams participated in the internal “Map Day” planning event, which was held using Proggio. The clarity that Proggio imparts into project plans and team coordination resulted in an increase in team engagement, less delays with cross-team dependencies, and a higher level of enterprise coordination than before. The plans generated on the whiteboard on Map Day were able to be implemented operationally within one day.


After starting to use Proggio, Sodastream can now coordinate globally between 60 different stakeholders within hours. After seeing the power of the platform, Sodastream is using Proggio for their planning and operations in expanding factories.