Electriq powers up project management with Proggio.

Proggio’s real-time adaptive PPM solution energizes Electriq’s entire project portfolio to help deliver the power storage solutions customers depend on.

Electriq Power
Electriq Power

The Challenge

The company’s PMO office is very busy with a wide range of projects to support the company’s operations and product development. This includes end-to-end hardware and software solutions that range from the IoT software on the battery device to the cloud software, fleet management software and the mobile app for homeowners that allows them to track data on their system.

With so many projects across hardware, software, the cloud and mobile, Electriq needed a solution that would provide real-time management, insights and reporting, plus integrate with its other tools, such as Jira for support and development ticketing.

The Solution

The problem with using Excel, Word and PowerPoint – and even Microsoft Project – is that it’s all ad hoc – nothing is connected. “They simply were not meant for project management,” said Kevin Singh, director of R&D and program management.

With Proggio, Singh and his team get the dynamic solution they need to handle every project, along with real-time reporting that keeps everyone on the same page. And getting started with Proggio was easy: “Someone showed me how to use it in 10 minutes, and the rest I have learned by doing,” Singh said. “They also have great training videos that are very helpful.”


Electriq Power
  • Easily cut time spent prepping for executive meetings by 75%
  • Live dashboard allows for real-time status updates for every project on-the-spot
  • Direct integration with Jira allows for drill down to see exactly what engineers are working on, which are open and closed for a completely closed-loop view of work in progress
  • Better forecasting and prioritization of projects and resources.
  • Keep cost reporting up-to-date, even on amortized software dev costs

“Proggio brings cross-functional teams and management together on the same page very quickly, and unlike Gantt-based systems that are siloed and complicated, everyone has access to see where things stand in real time. It’s simple, affordable and it saves a significant amount of time.”

Kevin Singh
Director of R&D and Program Management, Electriq Power

Favorite Feature

Proggio empowers Singh and his team with enhanced capabilities in staff optimization. In instances where manpower constraints arise and prevent the simultaneous execution of all desired projects, the Electriq team can easily “hit pause,” shift resources to higher priorities, and then shift back when the time is right.

Electriq Power