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Getting Started

Getting Started

Introduction to Proggio, a Project Management tool for the 21st century.

Help Tutorials

Help Tutorials

Watch and learn from the Proggio experts.


The How To’s

Common questions about Proggio and all the answers to get started.

Special Proggio Features

The Coordination Plan

Dependencies, in Proggio, function differently than in other applications. Proggio doesn’t show dependencies within workstreams, because it is taken for granted that one thing must lead to another in a straight line. Proggio’s dependencies highlight cross-workstream dependencies, where there is a handoff of some kind between different members or units within the project team. These […]

The Risk Management Plan

Managing risk is a crucial aspect of successful project management. Proggio has a built in Risk Management Plan that allows you to be on top of your project risk from the first moment. When you open up an activity box on your Projectmap, you can see there is a toggle switch to mark an activity […]

Plan Vice Actual

Plan V’s Actual

Delays in projects are inevitable and keeping track of those delays is crucial to planning the next phase of the project and projects of a similar type in the future. Proggio now allows you to take a “Snapshot” of your project so you can compare at a future date, where your project stands today to […]

Budget Reports

Budget Reports

Budget Report Setup: In order to make use of the high level budget report, there are few steps that you need to take.

How to Print & Export your Project Plan

How to Print & Export your Project Plan

You can take a screenshot of the entire Project or any specific period of time that you would like to focus on and print it out.

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Popular Articles




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We would love to hear from you, please send any questions or feedback that you may have to: support@progg.io

Or talk to us directly: +972 9 760 6507