3 Ways Shareability Drives Operational Excellence

Why Shareability and Coordination Are Key for Success

According to Capterra, more than half of project managers don’t have access to real-time KPIs. And, 1 in 3 executives cite the lack of clear goals as the reason for project failure.

As Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” Teams in today’s evolving economic condition can’t afford just to collaborate, they need solid coordination processes to get work done faster, mitigate risks, and operate as efficiently as possible. Mistakes in this economy are more costly than ever.

With this current status quo, coordination processes become more valuable than ever. When it comes to running a lean, mean, and efficiently streamlined team, organizations need software solutions that live up to that new standard of operations. 

One way to determine if your software solutions are best supporting your coordination processes is by reviewing their shareability functionalities. This is especially important when it comes to updating, sharing, or reporting status updates. 

Need an example of what this looks like? Check out our video below to see how sharing works in Proggio.

Sharing or Reporting in Proggio

The 3 Ways…

Solutions should strive to keep everyone on the same page through shareability features. From your task owners staying aligned, to your project managers coordinating and adapting plans, to your executives making the hard decisions, organizations need a solution that can keep up and keep teams aligned. 

Here are three essentials of shareability you should look for when looking for a project portfolio management solution.

  1. Unlimited Users

You may be thinking that that option does not exist in PPM solutions out there, but it does. Proggio, for example, offers unlimited users. Our founder got tired as a project manager of not being able to share important data with stakeholders that weren’t users of his project planning software.  

Rather than sharing credentials or creating messy workarounds, use a PPM that works for you by giving everyone access to the data so everyone is on the same page.

  1. Visual decision-making data

With how fast business moves, decision-makers don’t have time to sit down and work the data. They need a solution that works for them. Having visual data makes decision-making faster because you can easily see how you can streamline your coordination processes and cut out inefficiencies. When you share data, it’s important that what you are sharing meets that criteria.

Use a solution that not only shares data but shares data that is helpful to make decisions intuitively.

  1. Easy and automated functionalities

Have you ever forgotten to send in an update or a report? Does reporting always take considerable time and effort out of your week? What about as a decision maker? Is it hard to make decisions when you are continuously waiting on reports or updates? What if that could all be done automatically?

It can be, with the right solution. For example, Proggio gives you the option to share portfolios, projects, dashboards, and dynamic views (a filtered view of any combination of parts of a portfolio on one screen, so you can see specific things you need on one screen), in automated cadences with any user or group of users. So you don’t have to worry about sending or receiving updates, it’s done for you.

Shareability = less stress, and more success

As we shared at the top of the article, 1 in 3 executives cite the lack of clear goals as the reason for project failure. Rather than continuing to run into the same inefficiencies, or wondering if your organization is aligned, look for solutions that offer the shareability features to prevent those issues from happening. Organizations don’t need more costly preventable mistakes, they need solutions that empower them to adapt and reach operational excellence.