Resource management made easy. Every step of the way.


Realistic, accurate and adaptive tools set your team up for success.

Proggio makes it easy to analyze, visualize and adjust workloads across the entire team. With the ability to conduct what-if scenarios, you’ll see how changes in scope, deadlines and other variables impact deliverables, for improved decision making at every stage of the project.

With Proggio Resource Management, you get:

A high-level view of resource allocation

Visualize project loads at the portfolio, team, skillset and individual level to ensure resources align with priorities.

Resource Management

Greater flexibility

Adjust resource loads, roles, permissions and more across the entire organization.

Greater flexibility

Adaptability without a hitch

Preview how small changes can impact the entire portfolio and adjust assignments and deadlines in just a few clicks.

Workforce insights

Filter team members by skill, group or other variable to easily identify any gaps or needs that require monitoring or reallocation.

Automatic updates

Any change made to the work plan instantly adjusts workloads, deadlines, dependencies and more, across the entire portfolio.

Complete workload awareness

Give stakeholders at-a-glance visibility into project status and resource allocation. Built-in controls let you limit adjustments and access.

Real-time project status

Stay in the know with bottom-up user activity updates that flow up through every level to the overall project portfolio.

Streamlined task management

Ensure end-users get automatic notifications for any and all updates – from new tasks and assignments to completions and removals.


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