One platform designed for every role.

How will the team adapt to changes and stay on budget? Can we scale and still be efficient? Proggio makes it easy to answer the hard questions. And enables everybody, regardless of role, do their job with simplicity, flexibility, and clarity.

Executives and team leads

Executives and team leads get leading-edge tools.

Proggio’s real-time visual data enables decision making, proactive planning and team alignment. With automatic reporting to the C-Suite, executives can reach goals faster, while standardizing and scaling with more control and less stress.

Project Managers can manage more by doing less.

Intuitive automations. Streamlined procedures. Collaborative tools. And more. Proggio’s built-in features improve workflows without giving PMs more work to do. Being able to visualize, on one screen, how the team will meet goals helps them ensure strategic alignment for every project in the portfolio.

Project Managers
Team collaboration

Team collaboration enables working that’s smarter — not harder.

Proggio’s platform works hard behind your team so collaboration doesn’t feel like work at all. Advanced tools and capabilities, like the Proggio Feed, unlimited licenses, and visual status updates, make it easy to work together even when everyone is apart.

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