It’s your project workflow. It should adapt to your needs.

Change is constant. You need a workflow that’s reliable even as it evolves.

A Gantt model doesn’t just trap your project, it ties up your teams and processes, too. But with Proggio, your workflows live in the cloud. This streamlined, anytime access keeps teams aligned, even when distributed and remote. With the ability to customize workflows, you can meet everyone’s needs at every point along the way.

Proggio’s Project Workflow delivers:

Simple, immediate customization

Effortlessly move projects from one stage to the next to suit your needs, all with the ease of drag-and-drop.

Project Process

Standardized project process

All projects will follow the same steps, with proper justification and execution, so nothing falls through the cracks.


Cross-team alignment

With digitized workflows, teams can collaborate and work in-sync from any location.

Automated triggers

Keep tasks moving from one step to the next with digitized forms and workflows.

Time savings

Time savings

Enjoy quick, seamless access to all documents and data stored in the workflow.


The ability to scale with confidence

Proven, trackable procedures make it easy to handle a larger number of projects as well as refine established, predictable workflows.

An all-in-one solution

View and manage projects across the entire lifecycle, from inception through completion, with instant visibility and adaptability.

Ready to propel the future of your company?

Ready to propel the future of your company?