Visual what if scenario planning.

Scenario Planning

More analyzing and adapting and less scrolling and data tracking.

When your organization needs a solid plan for any situation, you need a tool that you can count on to give you decision making data. Rather than hunting down that data, Proggio’s features make it easy and intuitive to visually see all the data in one screen and with a few clicks.

Proggio levels up your what if scenario planning in the following ways:

What if scenario planning from the portfolio to task level

Empower decision makers when analyzing change impact from the entire picture, down to the details.

Portfolio to task level
Pipeline Management

Visual and intuitive pipeline management

Leverage what if as a building block to strategically build out your pipeline.

Easy Sharing

Easy sharing and updating of decision making data

Report on the impact of a potential change or many changes and how your organization can adapt visually.

Change Management

See the impact of change management

Use our snapshot tool to quickly assess the impact of changes to mitigate risks and reach goals faster, without impacting the data views of other users.

Proactive resource management

Determine the allocation of resources when things change so your team can adapt quicker and align faster.

Proactive resource management

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