Clarity and visibility in real time, on your time.

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With cross-portfolio visibility at a glance, you’ll make better decisions in a pinch.

Conventional tools can lead to outdated, inaccurate data and waste time you don’t have. But Proggio’s Portfolio Dashboard provides complete, real-time visibility and clarity, so you can keep projects on track and teams aligned across departments. With everyone from task owners to stakeholders able to monitor progress, bottlenecks can be spotted in time to respond.

With Proggio the entire team can:

Stay in control

With a glance, see the status of every project in the portfolio and how shared resources might align – or collide.

Immediately take action

Update plans and timelines as soon as potential issues arise, to save time and keep everyone and everything on track.

Make more informed decisions

Real-time insights at the portfolio, project and task level help you understand dependencies and priorities.

Automate project workflows

Built-in tools and templates provide guidance every step of the way – from creation and prioritization to planning, execution and delivery.

Adapt faster

Drag-and-drop simplicity facilitates plan changes the instant they're required.

Work in familiar tools

Enjoy seamless integration with over 100 work tools, including Microsoft, G-Suite, and more.


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