Portfolio Management

Visualize your entire portfolio to meet your business goals faster.

In times of challenging economical conditions, it is extremely important to control your high level project portfolio execution, and manage your upcoming project pipeline with the same system. Proggio was built by portfolio management experts to allow planning, prioritizing, and running what-if analysis to help you improve operational excellence and thrive in any market conditions.

Portfolio Management

Build and share project and portfolio reports in just a few clicks.

Portfolio Management
Dashboard View

Proggio Dashboards make it quick and easy to build, update, and share the statuses of your project portfolio. No more hunting down status updates or making dual data entries.

Custom Workflows let you work the way you work best.

We developed Custom Workflows, a feature that keeps all of your tasks streamlined, giving you complete, and total control over your project portfolio organization. So the next time stakeholders ask, you can show them exactly how your business gets work done.











Vendor Selection
Waiver Paperwork
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Prioritization lets you know what to focus on.

Proggio automatically determines how to prioritize each of your projects based on your business drivers and the impact on your entire portfolio. Even as your business grows and evolves, your priorities will always be visible and clear.

Risk Oversight identifies and mitigates risk, so you don’t have to.

By entering the perceived risks for each project, Proggio’s Risk Oversight enables you to proactively identify risks and issues that have not been accounted for. Mitigate potential risks with more confidence, and protect the success of your projects in your portfolio.

Project Risks

Staff Optimization ensures that nobody on the team is overworked or underutilized.

Resources are finite, and with how complex project portfolios can be, it’s essential to allocate resources properly. Proggio’s Staff Optimization feature gives you a clear visual of the workload divided amongst your staff. Have confidence while streamlining efficiency, and never wonder again how a project is going to get done on time.

Budget Management keeps your funding on track and on the money.

Projects need efficient tracking of funding to be successful, and Proggio’s automation enables you to do just that. With Proggio, you’re able to organize your budget items by categories and characteristics, giving you more time to strategically plan instead of stressing over budget basics.

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