More productive status meetings. Every time.

No report-gathering headaches. No gaps in the data. Just saved time and clear, visual project management with real-time data. Just another reason pros use Proggio.

Why Proggio
Head of PMO
  • Automatically compiling and sharing status reports
  • Putting prioritization on autopilot with automations
  • Supporting them with visual clarity in every project
Chief of Staff
  • Provide real-time data to meet evolving goals
  • Support them with visual clarity in every project
  • Put prioritization on autopilot with automations
VP of Product
  • Empower them to get work done faster with intuitive views
  • Support them with visual clarity from years, to days, and tasks
  • Put prioritization on autopilot with automations
  • Visualize the entire portfolio with patented views
  • Strategize quickly with real-time data reports
  • Aligning their organization at scale visually
Project Manager
  • Automatically compile and share status reports
  • Put prioritization on autopilot with automations
  • Support them with visual clarity in any project

How Proggio keeps
executives and teams


PMO presents C-Suite with executive reporting on all projects.

Your entire project portfolio, all on one screen.



The Executive offers feedback/changes clearly.

Visual, real-time completion data on one screen enables quicker decision making to goal alignment.



The Project Manager revises the project timeline with new tasks.

Real-time intuitive data features make it easy to adapt to changes.

Project Manager


The Task Owner makes the new change.

The task owner is automatically notified about the new change in their task board and starts to work on it.

Task Owner


Through Proggio, Executives can see their team adapting in real time.

Teams automatically adapt to executive decisions with automations and intuitive visual solutions.

Everyone is empowered with real-time visual data to align faster and easier than ever.

Stop scrolling and
start strategizing.

Our patented ProjectMap™views allow you see your entire portfolio on any screen. Zoom from years to days and from portfolios down to a single task’s to-do items, all in one view. With real-time project data and collaboration all in one place, you’ll be able to:

Meet business goals faster

Automatically align your team

Adapt to changes quicker

Confidently drive your team to success

Proggio uses a visual-first interface designed for the modern workspace.

Less meetings, less emails, more project efficiency. That’s why Pros us Proggio.

At Proggio, we believe that less is more. We believe you should spend less of your valuable time doing tasks that Proggio can do for you seamlessly and efficiently. We believe you should use your time to focus on what is important to reach your goals. Not convinced? The numbers speak for themselves.

Decrease time in email by 22%

Reduce time gathering status updates by 33%

Reduce time gathering approvals by 52%

Reduce time building reports by 75%


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