Connect your data across
your tech stack.

Proggio integrates with existing applications to eliminate friction and silos and help you work seamlessly from one solution.

  • Use alongside any email platform
  • Share files, links and attachments
  • Create custom integrations with developer tools
  • Open API for the ultimate flexibility

The integrations you want for the efficiency you need.

Built-In Integrations

Proggio is built for direct integration with Microsoft Office Suite (including Outlook, OneDrive and SharePoint), and G-Suite (Calendar, Gmail and Drive), so you can seamlessly work across:

Email systems to receive reports and notifications in your inbox and take action in Proggio within the email body. 

Storage solutions to easily add and access files in Google Drive, OneDrive or SharePoint with direct links that maintain access control and keep files organized by project, task and activity.

Calendars to automatically push Proggio tasks into your calendar as events so you never miss a deadline.

Direct Jira Sync

Proggio’s direct integration with Jira allows you to create Jira “Listeners” that automatically sync Jira changes through Proggio plans. When a Jira “Listener” detects a change in Jira, it automatically populates in Proggio, allowing cross-functional teams to work alongside one another. 

Zaps to Apps

Proggio’s Zapier integration connects your project plans to hundreds of other applications out of the box, including SalesForce, ERPs, Trello, Asana and Jira, and supports alerts and triggers that push important information to your email, messaging or task apps.

Empower Your Customers with Proggio

Find out how to give your customers the power of Proggio to accelerate innovation, supercharge efficiency and lower costs.

Ready to propel the future of your company?

Ready to propel the future of your company?