How to Connect Proggio with Jira

These instructions are Step #1 of connecting Jira and Proggio, as described in the Proggio app

In order to go through this process in Jira, you must be a Jira Administrator. 

StepJira screenshot
  1. Please login to Jira as Administrator
Jira login form
2. From the Jira settings, select “Products”Jira Settings
3. Select “Application link”Jira App Settings
4. Type Proggio URL here: URL
5. Add the following information:

    1. Application name: Proggio
    2. Application Type: Generic Application 
    3. Service Provider name: Proggio 
    4. Customer Key:
      Proggio OAuth 
    5. Shared Secret:
    6. Request Token URL:
    7. Access Token URL:
    8. Authorize URL:
    9. Create incoming link – should be checked 

Click “Continue“.

6. Copy the key from Proggio app

    1. Customer key:
      Proggio OAuth
    2. Customer Key:
    3. Public Key –
      as copied from the Proggio app above 

Click “Continue

Proggio App Settings 2
7. You are all set, please move to settings up Jira in ProggioFinal Settings

Congrats! The application link is now created in Jira!

Please proceed now to Step #2, as described in

Any questions? Contact us directly with the in-app chat, or email [email protected]