Timeline Management (FREE)

Timelines keep you and your stakeholders informed and on track

Timelines facilitate ongoing monitoring of progress and accountability. Team members and stakeholders can monitor milestones, identify delays, and promptly address issues. This cultivates accountability within the team, ensuring alignment with the project’s objectives and deadlines.


Everything in your portfolio on one screen, down to the smallest details.

Proggio’s real-time data makes it easy for stakeholders to see the entire data story of your portfolio on one screen with intuitive reporting and sharing capabilities. Dive into details instantly by double-clicking to create a split-screen view for contextual data, enabling swift decision-making.

Make better business decisions with ProjectMap™

ProjectMap™ is a customizable timeline that streamlines task focus without the hassle of navigating multiple spreadsheets. Improving project management with an intuitive and consolidated view, ProjectMap™ simplifies complexities found in traditional methods like the Gantt chart, enhancing project efficiency and accessibility, allowing teams to seamlessly navigate tasks within a unified interface.

Management Presentations

Nervous about presenting to management?

Management seeks well-prepared, engaging presentations addressing their concerns with clear structure and concise communication. With Proggio’s free version, transform your project timeline into a dynamic management presentation. Highlight progress instantly, identify bottlenecks effortlessly, and adjust priorities on the fly. Efficiently keep management informed and engaged.

Status Meeting

The future of status meetings has never looked brighter

Are you tired of attending status meetings that seem to lack purpose, are ineffective, and consume valuable time? Perhaps they’re poorly organized and feel repetitive? If so, Proggio’s free version offers a solution. You can effortlessly send reports directly from the app to update your team and stakeholders. With everyone aligned using the latest data, status meetings become more purposeful, organized, and engaging, improving both perception and effectiveness.

Working together on a timeline is a piece of cake

Experience the power of Proggio’s free timeline management solution, offering captivating visuals for project timelines. Effortlessly track the progress and milestones of your project from inception to completion, ensuring real-time updates for your teams and stakeholders. With a unified collaborative timeline, keeping projects aligned and revenue flowing smoothly has never been easier.

Effectively manage your work on one timeline

Everything you need for work and time management – awareness, arrangement, and adaptation – is built into Proggio’s timeline solution. With your project meticulously mapped out, you maintain focus on crucial tasks and effectively manage your time.

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