Your Team Hates Your Project Management Tool. It Doesn’t Have To!

Your team hates your project management tool.

It’s true.

frustrated work

Sure, you love it. It makes your life so much easier! Project planning is easy as pie. You’ve got your data flowing in, right at your fingertips. Managing the team is so simple.

A project management tool makes a project manager’s life easy. It’s what it’s designed to do.

The thing is, most project management tools aren’t designed with the team in mind.

Your Team Hates Your Project Management Tool

Your team spends most of its day staring at the project management tool. It’s their work interface. Every update, every report, every message – all in one place. That is precisely why you love it. The project management tool might make your life easier, but it can be a royal pain for the team.

A non-intuitive interface makes problems. Your team will avoid it whenever possible. Do you work with teams who prefer to use other messaging platforms outside the tool? Maybe there’s a reason for that!

Having to wrestle with a work interface that is hard to use adds time to their day. It also raises the frustration level they have with their work. A frustrated team is not an effective one. Why are you using a project management tool? To increase efficiency. A bad tool has the opposite effect!

Think about those attractive features you love. The Gantt chart? Your team never sees it, doesn’t understand Gantt charts to begin with, and couldn’t possibly care less about it. Resource loading? That isn’t a tool anyone uses, except for you. Budget tracking? That’s your headache.

All your team sees is a task management interface. The overlooked, drab, task management interface. Your team is greeted with notifications demanding more work, in a clunky UI.

No wonder your team hates the project management tool. They’re an afterthought.

Be honest. Did you think of your team when choosing the project management tool you use?

Hold On!

“Hang on!” You say. “I did think about my team. I looked for tools the team would like. The problem is that those tools are team collaboration tools. They aren’t compatible with project management! I want to use a tool my team likes. But it becomes a choice between prioritizing team-based tools, and project management tools. And we need a project management tool to accomplish our goal.”

You’re so right! And so wrong.

The Tool Your Team Will Love

Imagine a tool that builds your project around the team, instead of the tasks. From the planning phase, your team is placed front and center.

The timeline is so understandable and clear, anyone can understand it at a glance. Your team can know the project plan, see its structure, and understand exactly where they fit in.

Tasks are presented in multiple views. There are features built for the team – checklists on the side of every task, for example.

The interface is clean, simple, and easy to understand. There’s nothing extraneous or hidden.

And all those tools you need as the project manager? They’re all there, too. 

See what happens when your team loves your project management tool?
A happy team gets things done

What a wonderful daydream, right?

It’s no dream. It’s called Proggio.

Your team does not have to hate your project management tool. Use one built with the team in mind.