Top 10 Project Management Blogs

For someone looking for actionable tips, project management blogs are great sources of information. While blogs aren’t the sexiest content on the web, with podcasts and videos edging into the space, they remain the backbone of the web’s sharing ecosystem. Without further ado, here are the top 10 project management blogs of 2019:

1. A Girl’s Guide To Project Management

Elizabeth brings a much needed woman’s voice to project management. She is an accomplished project manager, and author. A Girl’s Guide To Project Management is a wonderful resource for all project managers. It features industry news, opinions, and coverage of events. You can find free templates here, and toolkits too.

2. The Proggio Blog

Proggio’s Success Blog mixes detailed project management tips, analysis, thought provoking articles, and a lighthearted look at success across all fields. Proggio regularly posts new and original content, ranging from top 10 lists like this one, to deeper dives into project management methods and theory.

3. PM Student

pm student banner

PM Student is a blog for students studying towards becoming project managers. It is an invaluable resource for information, industry news, and career advice. Whether you are a student or an industry professional, this blog is informative and helpful.

4. Easy In Theory, Difficult In Practice

Kiron Bondale writes about project portfolio management and change management. Kiron is a public speaker, trainer, and coach, and his style of writing is clear and concise. Many of his posts focus on agile concepts, which is very helpful in today’s changing work environment.

5. Ron Rosenhead

Ron Rosenhead is a project management superstar. He regularly presents at conferences, runs training courses, and of course, blogs regularly. Ron’s blog features great articles, tips, industry news, and all things related to project management you can imagine!

6. Green Project Management Blog

How can we manage our projects in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way? The Green Project Management Blog tackles this issue with aplomb. Posts aren’t just informative, they’re also full of practical advice. With the business world pivoting to sustainable technology, this lens is a very important one to develop for any project manager.

7. ProjectSmart

ProjectSmart is chock full of how tos, white papers, tools, free ebooks, and more. The blog features content from industry leaders, and presents it in a way that is designed to spark conversation. There is even a helpful glossary of project management terms.

8. Musings On Project Management

John Goodpasture is an author and project manager. His blog, Musings On Project Management, is a wonderful resource for any project manager. John regularly has thought provoking questions about project management worth reading. There is also has one post worth looking at right now, because it is guaranteed to leave you laughing out loud.

9. The IIL Blog

The IIL blog is a one stop shop for project management education. It features white papers, courses, templates, and educational materials. There is a wealth of material on agile and scrum. IIL is a leading business education organization, and their project management blog is a fantastic resource for anyone in the field.

10. Capterra

Capterra is a wonderful source for articles of all kinds, and the project management section of their blog brings great industry content to your fingertips. This is a great place to find timely tips, data backed insights, and up to date industry trends.

There you have it – the top ten project management blogs. Have a suggestion for another? Reach out to us and let us know! See our other Top 10 posts here.