The One Secret Your Project Teams Need to Succeed

The one secret your project teams need to succeed is project team alignment. Project team alignment is when everyone on your team is focused on the same objectives that ultimately serve the greater good of the company’s strategy and goals. When you have project team alignment, you gain exceptional communication and engagement, and an improved performance to deliver.

Despite any misconception of the inevitability of complete disarray when it comes to project team alignment when there is a long list of stakeholders involved, it is possible to acquire. 

To do so, you need to set your team up for success. It begins with the right software that helps them stay focused on their tasks and their teammates’ so they are aligned with one another. That means that they cannot be bombarded by constant system notifications.

In this article, we will discuss the best way for teams to get system notifications to ensure team alignment. Keep in mind that the software capabilities that we mention are only relevant if your organization is utilizing a solution that acts as a single source of truth for your entire project portfolio management. That is because when all data is shared in one platform, system notifications can be better controlled and prevent a bombardment of unnecessary alerts for project team members.

What software features help support your project team alignment?

1) Role-based system access

The first step in preventing your teams from being overwhelmed by a relentless amount of data is by limiting their view and capabilities of project data to only what is relevant to them and their role. In Proggio, for instance, you can grant permission to different levels of access depending on a specific person or role. 

2) In-app system notifications

Keep your project teams better aligned by limiting their system notifications in one place, in-app. By keeping all system notifications available in an in-app inbox, where all relevant data updates are available for viewing, you prevent distracting email push notifications and inbox flooding of emails that will eventually get ignored. Anyone who wants to know what changes or updates have been made will be able to quickly review them in a listed manner. 

In-app system notifications also avoid invading the personal space of stakeholders by not catching them off-guard on their personal phone at inappropriate times, when they are not working. 

Although there are also other communication tools, like Slack, when notifications received are from bot-to-human for system updates, they too become endless and get easily overlooked by the desensitized end-user, not to mention that it becomes just another software to worry about in your stack. 

3) Save favorite views

Elaborate and dynamic projects can contain an extensive amount of data. So much so that a vast majority is irrelevant and can leave project teams in a maze of confusion and miscommunication. Imagine how much time and hassle you could save if you could filter out the data to reveal only the information that you track and monitor frequently and save it for future reference. 

In Proggio, you can do just that–customize and save the data you need to stay focused, as well as personalize it for your project teams so they stay aligned with one another. 

4) Data feed

Like Facebook’s and LinkedIn’s homepage feed, your organization should have a central feed of real-time data that will display all of the project or task data that is relevant to the end-user. Its main purpose should be to be accessible to users who want to be informed in a modern way of what is taking place in their portfolio, projects, and/or tasks in a visual way and to enable cross-project and in-project collaboration. The automated running feed should include topics such as project created, project workflow stage was changed, late project, milestone changed, risk notifications, buffer consumed, and so on. Users should also be able to contribute and engage by creating relevant posts, make comments on other people’s posts, like, share, and so on. Proggio has developed such a data feed and the release date of this feature is to be announced. Stay tuned.


The first step in keeping everyone on your project teams aligned is to ensure that they are clearly aware of only what they need to focus on and prevent them information-overload. When it comes to system notifications, it is imperative to control how and when it is delivered to them to better secure the desired team alignment.

In a single source of truth platform for project portfolio management within your organization, you can keep your project teams informed more effectively. 

One like Proggio, which allows for role-based system access, in-app system notifications, save favorite data views, and a data feed that can be scrolled through comfortably, helps safeguard your organization’s team alignment requirement. 

 Want to gain control of your project portfolio?