Project Map – a True Dynamic of Success

Project map

What is Dynamic Project Management?

The quick answer is that dynamic project management is the management of projects in a way where there is an understanding that elaborate projects can evolve mid-execution. In order to do so effectively and efficiently depends primarily on the software tool that you chose to use. Most project managers use Gantts or Gantt-based solutions, which work but lack the flexibility, auto-generation capabilities, visibility, and clarity to be as nimble and impactful as can be.

When you run a dynamic project, you’re going to want to be able to plan realistically and wisely, identify any problems or risks ahead of time, be able to set up buffers for worst-case scenarios, be able to instantly prioritize, all the while have a clear picture of what is happening at all times on a collaborative timeline.

Proggio Allows for Dynamic Project Management with Project Maps

In the Proggio solution, we use an innovative project chart called the “project map.” At first glance, the project map may appear as just another block diagram. However, it is far, far more than that. The project map is a revolutionary approach to project management, starting from a clear project presentation through critical project operations and into project analytics.

proggio website projectmap

Here is some insight into the magic of our project map and the patent behind it.

Your Project Like Never Before – Project Map Layers

Following the concepts contained in street maps, Google, and many others, Project map introduces several project information layers. The upper layer provides a high-level view of all team projects. Moving one level down, it takes you into a high-level view of a single project, then a planning layer, and finally individual tasks.

Drilling down reveals more and more detail while moving upstream enables a wider view. A concept of top-down planning is maintained throughout the use of the solution, making sure that details are presented in context and in line with a higher-level timeline.

Project Team Assimilation – the Project Map Workstreams

Project management tools evolved for years through tasks and task management tools. In retrospect, diving further into the detail didn’t yield any operational advantages. In fact, it had the opposite effect. The more task details were added, the more complicated and unusable the chart became.

Project map is breaking out of task structure, presenting Workstreams for the first time – and introducing project charts that are headed by teams and functional areas. This change is not a nuance, it is a revolution! Real projects are managed through people that operate workstreams – whether the team leader,  the individual contributor or managers of functional areas. By placing these workstreams at the head of the Project map chart, we easily integrate the operational function of the project and enable project operation based on the real-life accountability matrix.

project workstreams

Step Out of the Dependencies Noise – the Links Podium

Existing project management tools keep all dependencies at the same level. A minor dependency between 2 sequential activities and a monster dependency holding the riskiest coordination of the project appear exactly the same. A project with 300 tasks is likely to have at least double the number of dependencies than a smaller one. How can we step out of this noise? Which dependencies are important for the Project’s coordination plan?

Project map’s Workstreams are designed to resolve this issue. It’s a known fact that a project’s weakest point is the handshake between teams. Along the same lines, links are more critical if they represent a connection between activities on different workstreams. Links between activities of the same workstream are important to project structure, but less important to project operation, since people among the same team are likely to manage these links internally.

Highlighting that link across multiple teams, opens a world of operation opportunities and project analytics – expect more in this area from Proggio in the near future!

Work Less, Get More – with Project Map Automation

Tired of maintaining Excel files, Powerpoint diagrams and task reporting tools? That hassle comes from working with different data sources and a lack of cross-view automation.

Proggio automation is a byproduct of the Project map layered approach, all using the same data source – no extra effort, no data manipulation. Transparency and efficiency at their best.

While you’re planning using the Project map planning layer, Proggio calculates and creates the higher layers and the Project Portfolio for you. In a similar way, reporting progress on tasks is represented all the way up to the project portfolio view. Adjusting activities on the planning layer will also adjust all related tasks that are sitting in the activity container.  

project portfolio management
An Automated Portfolio Generated by Proggio

Less is More – Thoughtful Project Planning  

Last, but by no means least – as sophisticated as the project management solution can be, if garbage is going in, garbage is very likely to come out. Preventing garbage requires the project team to think with a thought process unlikely to produce garbage.

Planning with Project maps requires you to think deeply about the project structure: what goes into my workstreams? What goes into my planning layer?

The answer to the first question reveals the project’s main stakeholders and teams involved. The answer to the second question reveals the activities that are more critical to project structure and leaves tasks to a more detailed layer underneath.

With these two critical questions answered and presented in the Project map chart, the project’s challenges are now transparent to the entire team. When team members understand, they engage. When they are engaged, you are already halfway to project success.


After reviewing the tremendous value of Project maps and their implementation in Proggio, you can now understand what makes it more than just another block diagram. Experience Project maps by signing into Proggio today! You will see the difference in just five minutes.

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