Cheat Sheet: Does a Spreadsheet Fit Your PM Needs?

Cheat Sheet: Does a Spreadsheet Fit Your PM Needs?
Many organisations avoid implementing Project Management Solution by using spreadsheet for Gantt Chart planning. Here are 10 questions you should ask yourself next time you intend to manage your project with a spreadsheet:
1. Project Portfolio – are you managing multi projects or a project with a sub-project? Do you need to see the total effort and synchronize tasks and resources between different projects?
2. Dependencies between activities – are project activities have dependent on other activities?
3. Dashboard – do you need to track progress, project health and monitor budget?
4. Tasks – do you like to produce a task list for each team member in a click of a button?
5. Kanban board – Kanban board to view all tasks and their statuses in a single screen is required?
6. Reports – do you need related project reports (i.e. resource allocation, budget)?
7. Collaboration – do you need context based collaboration with your project team members?
8. Permissions – do team members (including customers ) have different permission to project data (like budget)?
9. Integrations – do you need any input data from other systems (i.e Jira, CRM, ERP) or having the project data accessed from your Office apps like calendar or email box?
10. Alerts – do you need push messages on project’ events such as new tasks assigned to you?
Summary:  If you answered  more than 3 times “Yes”than you need a professional tool and spreadsheet isn’t one. Try Proggio today, it’s FREE.

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