Decision-making Has Never Been This Confident

Portfolio Maps

See everything in your portfolio on one screen, down to the smallest details.

Proggio’s patented technology is designed to give you decision-making clarity from the portfolio level, down to the smallest details of any project in that portfolio. With our unique views, you are no longer limited in your capability to see all the data you need to make decisions quickly that can impact your project portfolio.

The Proggio difference. Here is our “secret” sauce:

See everything on one screen

View your entire project portfolio all on one screen for faster insights and decision-making.

One Screen

Automatic Top-down Data Alignment

See the data picture from the portfolio level to make decisions and edits with a top-down view to automatically align every level of your team efficiently.

Split Screen Views

Layered Patented Split Screen Views

Drill down to the details on the same screen to make fast decisions by double clicking to create a split screen view for data in context.

Portfolio Data

Portfolio data in the same screen as your project and task data

Decision makers are put in the driver seat with project and task level detail in context with your entire portfolio to make decisions quickly.

Zoom in or out

Zoom in or out on a timeline with your entire portfolio mapped out

Get a high-level view, or view your portfolio’s workload from a day-to-day approach. See the perspectives you need to make decisions to meet deadlines and business goals faster.

Real-time data for making reporting a breeze

Proggio’s real-time data makes it easy for stakeholders to see the entire data story of your portfolio on one screen with intuitive reporting and sharing features.

Real-time Data
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