Top PM Conferences 2024

Top PM Conferences 2024

Looking Back on a Stellar Year

Happy New Year PM pros! It’s time to shine a spotlight on the events that defined our journey at Proggio in 2023, and discuss our top pick conferences in 2024. From captivating conferences to hands-on workshops, and insightful webinars, each opportunity marked a pivotal moment in our pursuit of excellence and collaboration in the global project management world. We met hundreds of impressive PM leaders and showcased our adaptive ppm solution to potential customers across the globe.

Join us as we revisit Proggio’s journey throughout the year – a journey fueled by passion, dedication, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of project portfolio management. Undoubtedly Proggio had a phenomenal year of growth, global collaboration and impactful new partnerships. We helped our customers, new and old push boundaries by revolutionizing their project management processes, welcomed over 10 new team members across the globe, built impressive new partnerships across the UK and USA, and revamped a stunning new website and global rebrand.

The Proggio team spearheaded a whirlwind tour across the world and the web – sponsoring more than 30 events, workshops and networking dinners, and over 10 online webinars and industry panels.

This year we’re diving straight in feet first, weaving a strategic and exciting schedule of opportunities to participate in industry events across the globe. As we are still reaping the fruits born out of 2023, we look forward to another successful and optimal year ahead!

This Year’s top picks

For those eager to make the most of the best project management conferences in 2024, here are our top picks, and some of the conferences you’ll find us, and our pickleball party at this year. Get ready for a year filled with opportunities to connect, learn, and contribute to the adapting world of project management. Cheers to a prosperous and fulfilling 2024!


When: January 29-31
Where: Miami, Florida
Why? The Miami installment is the flagship event of the IGCQ business group, and a must-attend event for large enterprises who are looking to improve their strategic processes and ultimately achieve operational excellence. We can’t wait to kick off our events schedule by returning to the OPEX party for the second year in the run!
PMI Passion for Projects, Sweden

When: March 11-12
Where: Helsingborg, Sweden
Why? PMI Sweden Chapter’s annual conference is Scandinavia’s largest project management conference, bringing together thought leaders, scientists, PM experts and consultants to discuss how innovation can empower project management skills. We’re excited to return for the second year running!

APM Annual Conference: Navigating Tomorrow

When: June 5-6
Where: Coventry, UK
Why? APM’s annual flagship conference is an absolute must for all pm professionals. As one of the UK’s key industry leaders, this two-day conference programme is packed with inspirational speakers, up-to-the-minute topics and interactive activities to fuel your creativity and passion for project management. We can’t wait to return for the second year running, sponsoring a Proggio led booth and leading insightful discussions over a networking dinner.

House of PMO, London

When: June 18-19
Where: London, UK
Why? The biggest PMO party around is always an excellent opportunity to hear from a host of expert speakers, networking opportunities and our PMO exhibition. With talks aimed at all levels of the PMO profession, from your first PMO role, to PMO Directors, there’ll be something for you. Proggio can’t wait to join the UK’s largest PMO conference for the second consecutive year.

PMI Global Summit, Los Angeles

When: September 18-21
Where: Los Angeles, California
Why? Join us at the most exciting pm industry conference of the year. We’ll be bringing the Proggio party for the 3rd year running so make sure to join the fun and visit our booth for lots of fun surprises.

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