How to Avoid the Rabbit Hole PMO Directors Fall Into

How to Avoid the Rabbit Hole PMO Directors Fall Into

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While Project Management Office (PMO) Directors are guaranteed to be working on multiple projects in parallel to one another, so are its challenges and the pitfalls that ensue.

What are those challenges?

Perhaps you can already name a few off the top of your head without a second thought.

In this article, we are going to talk about a common chain of circumstances that still threatens the performance of PMO Directors in 2021 and suggest what you can do to doge them.

Once you overcome these daily struggles, you will be amazed by your improved time management, ability to stay within budget, and portfolio management capabilities.

Falling into the Rabbit Hole of Project Portfolio Management

It begins innocently when PMO Directors begin being responsible for a portfolio of multiple projects, which requires the resources of multiple teams. Naturally, these multiple teams will have different priorities, views, needs, and even different interests.

And here lies in the dramatic tumble into the rabbit hole–when these teams start to adopt different solutions to address a shared company goal. In other words, they create data islands.

When different teams start using different solutions, they don’t update the PMO directors directly or automatically and creating a vacuum of transparency. Hence, keeping PMO directors in the dark, so to speak, of the project status and their available resources.

PMO directors themselves also end up using their own solution that does not offer the cross-functional teams the tools and visuals to reflect cross-functional projects to one another.

This leads PMO directors to fall deeper into the pit. Without the authority or access to real-time data of where everything within their portfolio stands, PMO directors lose control. PMO directors don’t know what’s holding things up or what’s working really well in their planned portfolio. In effect, mitigating decisions at the right time becomes close to impossible.

Ultimately, with data islands being created with various “solutions,” cross-functional teams end up inadvertently stalemating any chance for PMO directors to align their project portfolios towards strategic goals. Projects get delayed, go well over budget, and any chance for organizational or financial growth gets hindered.

How to Avoid the Rabbit Hole of PPM Demise?

As organizations and PMO directors in every industry, in every corner of the world use the multitude of current solutions available in the market today, they all continue to face the danger of this rabbit hole we speak of. The good news is that in 2021 there is a solution to it all.

The solution must be a supportive infrastructure that will help PMO directors gain the command and visibility necessary to align all of their cross-projects and cross-team dependencies.

To start, the solution will need to be able to a central hub, where everyone within the organization that is relevant to the PMO directors project portfolio to have access to it. It must provide the right tools and visuals that are relevant to each role, and easy to use, so as to permit engagement from multiple teams.

In other words, in order for PMO directors to accomplish strategic goals and KPIs, they need to operate their project portfolio within a single source of truth (SSOT).

But not just any SSOT. One that can empower PMO directors to acquire the real-time data in a clear visual perspective of their entire portfolio quick glance. Having that will ensure project alignment towards strategic goals and KPIs, while staying on time, on budget, and allows for continuous growth without a hitch.

How PMO Directors Can Use Proggio to Gain Success

Proggio is the central hub that PMO directors can rely on to give them the control and visual clarity of their portfolio in a quick snapshot.

Proggio PPM

By taking advantage of Proggio’s new unlimited user access, easy navigation from goals to work management, and a robust platform full of the relevant tools and views for every role, you can gain one single source of truth.

Proggio also goes beyond execution providing PMO directors an end-to-end project lifecycle management.

In effect, with Proggio, you can achieve transparency, full alignment with project goals and KPI’s, stay within budget, and allow for continuous improvement.

To learn more about how you can use Proggio to make life easier for you as a PMO director, schedule a quick demo with us.

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