How to Cut Down on Dual Data Entries

There are a lot of good “dual” things in this world. Dual citizenship — pretty cool. Dual monitor setups — very helpful. Dual voltage hair dryers — multifunctional.

As you might notice, “dual entries” didn’t make the cut… and for good reason.

Project managers know the pain of dual data entries too well. According to a recent Proggio survey, over half of project managers say manual dual data entry is their biggest challenge

62% of project managers say double data entry wastes 7 hours per week.

More specifically, 62% say double data entry wastes up to seven hours per week, and almost 20% say it takes up 8-11 hours. That’s basically a whole work day eaten up by tedious, time-wasting tasks that could —  and should — be automated away.

what is the biggest challenge(s) that you have that tend to interrupt your project related work?

That’s where Proggio can help.

Our adaptive project portfolio management platform organizes all of your data into a clear and simple Project Map. So — instead of endlessly scrolling through a messy Gantt chart — you can see all of your data on a single timeline, and easily share it across teams for collaboration. Since data is automatically updated for everyone in real time, you also don’t have to worry about emailing updates or re-entering information every time something changes.

Meaning, you can start to get those seven precious hours back.

Just look at biotechnology company KAHR Medical. With Proggio, they were able to create a detailed, two-year plan and save more than 50% of time needed for status updates and data collection:

Biotech project plan

Ready to streamline your project management data and finally cut down on dual entries? Book a demo to learn more.