Proggio helps KAHR Medical reduce time spent on status update meetings by 50%.

KAHR Medical is an innovative biotechnology company developing a novel drug platform targeting multiple cancer indications. KAHR’s proprietary technology, known as DSP (Dual Signaling Proteins), enables the construction of targeted biological drugs with two functional ends, which can simultaneously block and/or activate two reinforcing biological signals resulting in a synergistic outcome.


The Challenge

KAHR Medical, like many biotechnology companies, faces a lengthy process before it can translate technology in medicines. The development process before initiating clinical trials includes pre-clinical testing of efficacy and safety. Once the pre-clinical program is complete, the company submits an IND (Investigational New Drug) application to the FDA that approves the initiation of clinical trials. The pre-clinical development process is long and arduous and spans years of testing. It can often be conducted across multiple locations and require detailed planning and coordination across a multi-disciplinary team and third party contractors.

The Solution

KAHR Medical used Proggio to plan their IND-enabling development plan. In a few days days, KAHR Medical was able to create a two-year plan, from high level plan to granular level tasks and assignments.

The Solution



KAHR Medical is currently running the program using Proggio to coordinate across the entire enterprise, from lab technicians to C-level executives. After seeing the difference Proggio makes, KAHR now uses Proggio for R&D planning, operations, and reporting.

  • Planned a two year pre-clinical plan, in just a few days
  • Saved more than 50% time needed for status updates and data collection
  • Boosted enterprise-wide collaboration, fully integrating the entire team
  • Streamlined status meetings for action items and decisions instead of progress reports

“With Proggio, we were able to map out a two year plan from high level to granular detail – in just a few days. We continue to use Proggio for the operational phase of the project, especially in status meetings. This allows the entire staff to collaborate, from lab techs to C-level.”

Yaron Pereg
CEO, KAHR Medical

Favorite Feature

KAHR has enhanced deliverability using Proggio’s highly customizable project data views. Efficiently consolidating interconnected project components on one screen ensures seamless access to diverse data groups. The custom view facilitates automatic updates in our original plans, fostering effective collaboration by zooming in on critical areas for shared insights and discussions across the entire project portfolio, providing a comprehensive data story for confident decision-making.