Digitizing Your Organization’s Project Workflow and Executing Them in One Solution



  • Projects Need Workflows
  • Do You Need a Project Workflow Standard?
  • Advantages of Customizing Your Project Workflows with Proggio
  • How to Customize Your Workflow

Projects Need Workflows

When we think about projects, we realize that their execution is only a part of their workflow. In fact, there is actually so much happening before the execution stage of task assignment and tracking, and so many other critical processes to manage before its successful delivery that it is ideal to implement a project workflow standard.

A project workflow is a set standard of processes that ensure the proper, effective, and efficient execution of a project. A project’s workflow may include ideation, market research, evaluation, justification, goal settings, and only then, planning, prioritization, and execution. The more complicated the project is, the more likely these steps are broken down further.

Better yet, is to digitize your project workflows. By doing so you streamline your project management processes while progressing your organization towards digital transformation.

Does Your Organization Need a Project Workflow Standard?

When a project workflow standard is implemented, it ensures that all projects in a workspace are going through exactly the same steps. Important information is efficiently collected and projects can be compared and prioritized, apple to apple. In addition, the project stage form automation works for you, collecting the data seamlessly and without you running after stakeholders. The system will block project stage change if the data is not provided.

Using Proggio’s Project Workflow Module

There are 4 basic steps involved in setting up project workflows in Proggio:

Step 1: Define your project workflow stages.

Step 2:  Defining requirements and protocols to move projects through a stage.

Step 3: Gain a high-level view of a project’s workflow status. 

Step 4:  Trigger a workflow management protocol when a project moves from one stage to the next. 

Once you’ve set up how you want your organization to move projects through a standardized workflow, you can begin to implement effective project management immediately.

Advantages You Gain with Proggio’s Project Workflows

The unique advantages you stand to gain when using Proggio’s Project Workflow Module is meant to help your organization complete a project’s lifecycle from start to finish in one solution and setting it up in Proggio is easy:

1) Standardize project processes → Ensure that all projects in a workspace are going through exactly the same steps. It also ensures that the proper justification processes and the way project execution is approached every time for every project implemented within the project workflow.

2) Easy strategy to execution in one place → With Proggio you can see your projects through from inception to completion. Create your customized workflow, set up triggered forms and protocols for every step, execute projects, know where everything stands in an instant, and archive all in one place. 

3) Trigger customized forms for each step →  In Proggio you can create customized digitized forms, and request document uploads for protocols that are set to be triggered within each step of a workflow. You can also reference them with a click.

4) Save time → All documents and digitized forms from workflows are quick to reference since they are all in the and by repeating and improving upon successfully completed workflows, which you can easily review on-demand from a high-level view. 

5) Scale with confidence → By having a set procedure in place that is easy to track from a high-level view, you can handle a large number of projects without losing track.

Project Workflow Management: Covering Projects End-to-end 

Digitizing your organization’s project workflow is a progressive step towards your organization’s digital transformation in today’s world of technology and helps ensure better execution of projects across your organization.

Using an advanced workflow module, Proggio helps organizations manage projects in all aspects from start to finish. By connecting your project workflow management, project prioritization, project top-down planning, and task management together, organizations are able to run the most elaborate and dynamic projects efficiently.

To learn how to set up your project workflows, click here.

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