AI is Your New Copilot, Here’s How to Fly the Plane

AI is Your New Copilot, Here’s How to Fly the Plane

We’ve all heard this metaphor before. “AI isn’t replacing your job. It’s just going to be your new copilot.” Your sous chef. Sidekick. Wingman. Pick your analogy. AI can fit into it.

It’s oft-repeated because it still rings true. (Look, it’s even the name of Microsoft’s new AI assistant.) As Gartner reported, “80% of the work of today’s project management discipline will be eliminated by 2030 as AI takes on traditional PM functions such as data collection, tracking and reporting.” Notice, it doesn’t say 80% of jobs. Just 80% of the work. That is, the work that can be manual, time-consuming, and often mind-numbing. 

In fact, according to Microsoft, employees are actually more eager for AI to lighten their workload than they are worried about it taking their jobs. Specifically, 76% said they’d be comfortable using AI for administrative tasks, 79% for analytics, 80% for summarizing their meetings and action items, and 77% for planning their day.

In our plane analogy, that’s the work your copilot can handle while you, you know, focus on flying the aircraft and successfully getting to your destination. 

So, as a project manager/pilot, here’s a closer look at how you can work hand-in-hand with AI to make your life easier and meet your project goals with flying colors.

Changing your flight path

You can use an AI-powered, adaptive PPM to analyze your project data and make more informed decisions about your path forward. For example, it can help you understand which projects to prioritize and how to best allocate your resources to meet your business objectives.

Avoiding turbulence

Prepare for any turbulence ahead and change your workflow to avoid foreseen obstacles. That is, you can use AI to gather insights from your current and future projects, and anticipate how the risk of dependencies, delays, and resource shortages can impact your trajectory.

Reporting to ground control

AI gives you the power to automatically gather real-time data to share with stakeholders, collaborators, and teams across your workstreams. So you can keep everyone updated on project progress along the way without taking your eyes off the road — or skies — ahead.

ETA: Sooner than you think

You may still have concerns about AI replacing jobs or even adding more complexity to your tech stack. But don’t kick your new copilot out of the cockpit just yet. AI is here and it’s already transforming the way we work on a day-to-day basis.

The good news is, if project managers can learn to team up with AI instead of pushing against it, they can unlock new opportunities to save time, streamline their workflows, and even get to their project destinations faster and more efficiently.

So, sit back, relax, and embrace the future of AI. We’ll have you on the ground in no time.

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