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No credit card needed, free forever*

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Some of our timeline-taming, solution-loving customers:

Epic Planning and Management with AI


Collaborate More

With everyone on the same page, easily collaborate over a timeline.

Master Optimization

Master Optimization

Grow revenue — become a business superhero!

Meet Less

Meet Smarter

Spend less time reporting on progress and more time making it.

Accelerate with AI

Accelerate with AI

Build on best practices and eliminate tedious planning tasks.


Intuitive plan creation
with AI

Proggio Workstreams organize projects by 
team, department or activity. Create
natural connected workflows that show task dependencies and keep everyone on track. And now use ProggioAI to effortlessly create your Workstreams and associated tasks by leveraging past internal data or insights from similar projects.

AI at your fingertips

AI at your fingertips

Ask ProggioAI about your portfolio, tasks and workflows to gain better understanding of your projects never losing sight of your plan and priorities.

Visual First

Visual first timeline

Proggio’s Timeline Management Solution (patented ProjectMap™) makes it 
easy to see and navigate your entire project on one screen. No more scrolling 
through endless spreadsheets. Simply zoom from years to days and from a project down to a single to-do item—all in one view.


“Our Project Managers are really enjoying rolling out all of their projects using the tool as it is intuitive and user-friendly.”

Loren Webster
Group IT PM

Starwest Botanicals

“New uses daily! The flexibility of the tool allows for utilization across functions and teams.”

Joshua Keyes
Vice President Operations
Starwest Botanicals


“Proggio is a great user interface for project management.”

Amber Sparano, PMP
ERP Program Manager 

NEI Global Relocation

What does free forever mean?

Proggio’s Timeline Management Solution is free—it is not a trial, just free forever! Enjoy it while you can, though, because we might tweak the features, usage limits, or even the service itself at any time.

Do I need a credit card?

No, you do not need a credit card when you sign up for Proggio’s free Timeline Management Solution. It’s absolutely free.

Is AI included?

YES! That’s one of the cool innovations of the free Timeline Management Solution and we don’t think you should pay a penny for it.

What is a Workstream?

A Workstream is a chunk of the work-breakdown structure (WBS)  that is handed off to one lucky manager. In case you’re the lucky manager, be sure to read more about Workstreams in this article.

Can I invite collaborators to my timeline?

Of course you can! But, on the free plan you are limited to 4 friends and family.

Are there any limitations to the free account?

While the free account gives you access to our ProjectMap™ and core features, it might come with some limitations on usage, storage, and those fancy advanced features. Think of it as the difference between driving a solid car and a luxury sports car—you’ll still get where you need to go, just without the heated seats and turbo boost!

Can I upgrade my free account?

Absolutely! You can upgrade anytime to a paid plan to unlock extra features, higher security, more users, and VIP support! And of course all of your data goes with you.

I’ve signed up for the free Timeline Management Solution and now I need some help.

Look for the graduation cap icon in the platform to access the Learning Center. You can also check out the getting started webinar here. But sometimes you just need to talk to a human—contact us.


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