13 Things You Really Hate to Share — And Tools to Make Sharing Easier

From a young age, we’re riddled with platitudes like “Sharing is caring” and…no, that’s pretty much the big one. Of course, it makes sense that parents, teachers, and guardians drill this phrase into our heads because, well, throughout life — even as adolescents and adultswe’re faced with plenty of times when sharing is pretty tough to do.

For example:

  • Sharing toys with friends as a kid
  • Sharing your room with a rambunctious sibling
  • Sharing your birthday with a relative or major holiday (Christmas babies, we see you)
  • Sharing a college dorm with a messy roommate
  • Sharing your fries with someone who previously said they don’t want any fries (just order your own!)
  • Sharing a check with a bunch of people at a restaurant (shoutout to those of us who had to do this before Venmo existed)
  • Sharing an office with a colleague who makes really loud phone calls
  • Sharing that last bite of food with your dog who’s giving you puppy dog eyes (ok, this one’s not so hard)
  • Sharing a dish you brought to the potluck but actually just want to eat by yourself (yes, a lot of these are starting to revolve around food…)
  • Sharing a yard or fence with a nosy neighbor
  • Sharing a big photo or video file across devices when your storage is low
  • Sharing a WiFi password that’s 27 characters long
  • Sharing a Google Doc with yet another update for the hundredth time

You get it. You know it. Sharing — while considerate, encouraged, and often appreciated — can sometimes just be a chore. In fact, you probably have your own sharing horror stories to add that we might’ve missed… Sharing a Zoom link for a meeting that could’ve been an email. See, there’s another!

For project managers, sharing is a huge — and, again, frustrating — part of the job. You have to constantly share project updates, reports, timelines, calendars, real-time data, tasks, and tools with collaborators, stakeholders, and other managers just to keep things running smoothly. And often you have to remember to share these things on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis so everyone has the information they need to do that. 

That’s where Proggio’s Shareability features can help…

Share real-time project management reports with Proggio

With Proggio’s dashboards, you can automatically share real-time data to an unlimited number of Proggio users and collaborators. Customize each dashboard with specific data points and graphs, or choose from predefined dashboards like Portfolio, Project, or Tasks. Also, showcase project health, project progress, milestones, and project risks all in one place. And break down which tasks are not yet started, on track, delayed, or completed.

Once you share a dashboard, you can choose to automatically send a new one each week, month, or quarter — without having to lift a finger. This way, you don’t have to manually send an email, Slack ping, or meeting invite every time you have an update.

So, while we can’t exactly make it easier to share your fries with someone who insisted they don’t want fries (though we might work on it), we can make it easier to share project updates, reports, and real-time data all from the same platform — saving you valuable time and energy.

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