Core Components

Views so revolutionary,
we patented them.

Portfolio Map

Your entire project portfolio, all on one screen.

Portfolio Map


Real-time data that maps out your project with clarity.

Office Relocation Portfolio

Dynamic Views

Custom displays to visualize any part of your portfolio.

Dynamic Views


Inherent Flexibility

Inherent Flexibility

The initial workstream setup is merely a starting point; users have the full freedom to adapt, modify, or overhaul workstreams 
as the project evolves.

Inherent Visibility

Inherent Visibility

Put similar work or project areas together in the same lane and see them side by side for easy viewing, and no scrolling, on one timeline.

Clarity at Every Step

Clarity at Every Step

Workstreams make it easy to coordinate across teams and other departments, and keep track of progress all on a centralized timeline.


Robust Dashboards

Real-time, visual-first data reporting that’s customized and automated.

Plan vs. Actual

The evolution of your project, visually demonstrated in a few clicks.

Seamless Sharing

Intuitive, built-in features enable the sharing of visual portfolios and project data in real time.


Proggio Tasks

Alignment of your team’s work management, from executives down to task owners.

Task Collaboration Tools

One place for teams to easily communicate, prioritize, organize, and accomplish tasks.

Team Management

Resource Management

Fast resource management adaptability with visual organization.

Time Tracking

Track the time spent on every part of your portfolio and view all the data in one place.

Visibility at Every Level

Visibility for each stakeholder with real-time visual data reporting.


Intuitive Prioritization

Priorities are automatically determined by your business drivers.

Risk Management

Instantly and visually identify risks to proactively plan and mitigate them.

Useful Screenshots

Modern sharing functionalities for portfolios, projects, and task completion data.

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