Webinar Recap: Best Practices for Project Efficiency

Webinar Recap: Best Practices for Project Efficiency

In this engaging panel, our Sales superstar, James and global Project Management experts discussed best practices for efficient work processes. The all important notion of how to retain and drive Project Efficiency is the “new norm” of today’s working world. Read on for a summary of 5 key insights and check out the full webinar below:

Meet the Panelists:

Dani Pavliuchkov – Head of Product Growth, Veed.Io

Aoife Ahern – Exec Director, Enterprise Portfolio Management, Novaris

Tony Perara – Exec Vice President, Security Technology, Trinity Guard

How Do we Drive Productivity?

In today’s dynamic world we’ve learned that working practices are extremely unpredictable and that things change fast. Take Covid 19 for example – the unexpected global pandemic that forged an acute and urgent need for digital tools (rendering the classic whiteboard redundant).
The new working model of remote and hybrid seems here to stay. Therefore we have no choice but to learn how to increase efficiency in this new reality.

There’s No “I” in Team

There’s No “I” in Team

How do we create a sense of “togetherness” and “team,” when we are likely scattered all over the country or the globe? To drill this down we need to address basic questions such as:

  • How do we communicate with each other?
  • What are our key outcomes?
  • How do we divide roles and responsibilities within the team?

In order to avoid information getting buried or lost, we must store essential shared documents up front and center in some sort of digital collaboration tool. Creating a strong digital culture within your company will maintain momentum that is so desperately needed when working collaboratively. In turn maintaining clarity across teams and sharing a strong vision and goals creates a great sense of unity.

Cultivating Connections

When working remotely and independently it’s so easy to get caught up on our own little island.

Be sure to carve out downtime for yourself and your colleagues, creating an opportunity to connect on a personal level. This avoids burnout and nurtures the all important human connection, when we are physically so far apart. Reach out to a colleague for a coffee, be it remote or face-to-face, and chat about their weekend or summer holiday plans. By cultivating these relationships on a personal level they’ll be far more willing to step in when help is needed needed professionally.

Creating a psychologically safe environment among a team is also crucial. Ensuring that employees feel comfortable to ask not just “what” but “why?” are we doing this will empower and motivate them to drive projects forward. Culture trickles down from the top, and seeps through an entire organization. Employing an effective tech slack and tools will also forge a sense of togetherness when experiencing similar challenges, successes and setbacks.

Velocity is Key

Time delivery is critical in project management. When migrating from waterfall to agile methods proper documentation is often overlooked, causing unnecessary delays and complications. Moreover when working remotely it’s more crucial than ever to retain and exchange clear, concise and updated information. This in turn ensures a smooth and speedy landing for new employees. Employing and integrating data tools from the start of the project will help to support and increase velocity.

All about Automation

Automating also increases velocity.
Don’t repeat the same work twice! Save precious time and resources by automating EVERYTHING. This ranges from QA, to reporting, to onboarding new employees. By automating all work processes, we’ll save time, increase quality, improve employee satisfaction, and reduce costs throughout our organizations. We need to consider payment of our automation solutions like paying an employee’s salary – a critical role in our organizations.

All about Automation

To summarize – no process ever stays the same; if we are sticking to one process we may not be progressing as effectively as possible. We are constantly iterating and adapting. Be sure to choose a tool that works best for you and your organization and will propel you forward, in driving efficiency and goals. To find out more about how to streamline your project management operations, book a demo with Proggio today.