So you have Proggio Tasks…now what?

Your team has been notified that Proggio Tasks is now an available option for your team to use to manage its work, tasks, and personal assignments. This tool is a great feature for you to use to spend less time chasing people for updates, and at the same time provide them with an easy way to organize their personal work. These are just some of the questions that pop into your head:

How will this tool help your team? 

Will it be easy to adopt?

How will the rest of your team know what work you have done?

How will they know what you have done?

This article is meant to not only answer all those questions, but also to show you how easy the transition will be and how easy it will be to organize your work, and collaborate with your team using this tool.

Proggio Tasks will help your team get work done, contribute to projects with ease, be more aligned and collaborative, and focus on the right tasks.

So let’s start with how to start:

How easy is it to start using Proggio Tasks?

Starting is as easy as accepting an invitation. You will be invited via email, by your admin, to join your team’s workspace. You will create a login with your email and a password and sign in.

And just like that, you are all ready to go in Proggio Tasks.

Your team is already organized into this space, and can immediately start assigning, organizing and collaborating on tasks. 

No tedious setup processes.

No cumbersome planning systems need to be set up.

That means you are spending less time trying to figure out setup processes, and 

Seriously it is just that simple.

You don’t have to wait to start your work, you can just start doing it. 

So how do I organize my work in Proggio Tasks?

Have you ever felt like you have so much work to do and yet, you don’t even know where to start? Have you ever felt like there are so many different tools, platforms, and options for you to receive assignments, organize your work and then report back about said assignments?

The features of Proggio Tasks address and answer all of these questions.

When you are signed into your workspace, take a moment to see what tools and features are available for you to organize your work with. Below is an image of what you will see:

Standardized Cards

Each time you have a new task that you need to do, simply make a new card and drop it into the appropriate status. If someone who is managing a project assigns you a task that is part of that project, it will automatically appear in your to do column. If you want more context on the task, simply click on the card for all the necessary information.

Standardized Statuses

Since Proggio Tasks automatically reports task completion data, the status columns are standardized to report the progress of your work up.

Filter by Project

Like we mentioned above, if you are assigned tasks for a certain project, you can filter your view to just view the tasks for the projects you have selected.

Filter by Labels

Labels is a way for you to customize the views that you have of your tasks. If you have a particular way you want to see your work, this would be the way to filter the work based off of the custom view you want to have.

View by Deadline

Every task has a deadline. Simplify your view of what needs to get done this week or what is overdue by selecting the appropriate view.

Collapsing View

If you want to only see certain tasks that are certain stages, simply collapse the columns  you don’t want to view to see the status columns you do want to see

Search for a Task

If you are struggling to find a particular task, simply use the search feature to find it.

These standardized tools help you consolidate all your work in one place. It makes it easy to see what needs to be prioritized, and what is the progress of each task you have to complete. This means you spend less time wondering about what are all the things you have to do, and more time spent doing the work that will help you reach your goals faster.

This principle is also true for how Proggio Tasks helps your team.

How does Proggio help my team?

Collaboration Features

Juggling between multiple tools to collaborate with your team increases the risk of oversight and errors. Proggio Tasks is built to give you the ability to collaborate with your team in one place, on one screen. 

Assign multiple people to a single task, message and @ mention a teammate when collaborating on a task. Attach files, include descriptions, track time, and organize with labels on one screen. Proactively anticipate risks and manage them for each particular task. Create necessary checklists and manage budget requirements. You can do all of this just from the task card.

That means less meetings, less time tracking down important details, and less time wasted being disorganized. Spend more time doing the things that help your team meet your goals faster.

Alignment & Automated Visual Reporting

Proggio Tasks is just a part of the Proggio Portfolio and Project Management platform. Any task assigned through a project is automatically tracked at the project and portfolio level. That means that you don’t have to manually report your task completion data. 

Your executives and project planners can check your task completion statuses right from the portfolio and management level, meaning you don’t have to manually report the status of your tasks. They can view the statuses of a project or an entire organization’s portfolio via Proggio’s patented portfolio and project maps. That also means your organization saves hours of time by not having to compile reports.

This is one significant feature of Proggio tasks, because executives now have a modern visual tool that maps out project databases off of everyone’s real-time task completion data. Everyone stays on the same page, your organization can adapt to changes faster, and as a result, your team stays aligned with your organization’s goals. 

The more you use Proggio Tasks…

The faster you can answer your original questions and the faster you will accomplish, with confidence, the goals you have set out to do.