Secrets to Project Success: Learn from the Masters

Secrets to Project Success: Learn from the Masters

We’re letting you in on a little secret…

It’s well known that project failure is a huge problem, and in most cases, project managers are on the hook for it. It’s rare that there’s a singular cause–it’s usually a cascade of issues: missed deadlines, shifting priorities, too much work and not enough resources, and the list goes on. 

In fact FinanceOnline found in a recent study that 39% of projects fail due to change in organization priorities, while 37% fail because of a change in project objectives and another 29% because of poor communication.

The question is: how can you put a stop to the avalanche of issues before it swallows you whole? 

To find out, we went straight to the experts:

  • V. Lee Henson
  • Eric Naiburg
  • Moira Alexander
  • Mike Clayton
  • Elizabeth Harrin

We asked these five well-known gurus in the PPM industry for advice. The result is our 5 Secrets to Project Success guide that contains actionable steps to help you overcome the most common pitfalls, adapt to the inevitable changes and create a better path. 

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