Recapping the BBC Conference: A Powerhouse of Ideas and Inspiration

What a whirlwind! We recently rocked the Building Business Capability (BBC) conference in Vegas and it was a blast! From rubbing shoulders with PM industry leaders, to unveiling our game-changing ppm tool, this event had it all.

Kicking off with a bang, we hosted an insightful and fun networking dinner for over 15 conference attendees from 7 leading organizations. Our resident Sales Guru James wowed them with his PM expertise – and let’s not forget those desserts!!

On Day 1 we stood out from the crowds with our powerful PM playlist, curated especially for the first International PMO Day which took place the previous day. Networking galore! We made connections, swapped PM stories, and bonded with fellow project management enthusiasts. The crowds loved our feel-good, fun infectious buzz around our team and booth, and we had the ultimate first day! And the best part – we scheduled over 30 meetings by the end of the day!

Day 2 proved to be even more of a cutting-edge technology extravaganza! We witnessed mind-blowing project management innovations that made us feel like we stepped into the future. The exhibition floor was like a high-tech playground, where we got to interact with these game-changers and show them our PPM magic in action. This conference reminded us that continuous learning and staying on top of trends are the secret ingredients to PM success.

For our grand finale we raffled a variety of top notch prizes to a few lucky winners (Proggio personalized Stanley cup, and 32” inch monitor included!) from the expo stage and hosted an impromptu dance party starring our very own James!

We closed the door on the BBC conference feeling like project management superheroes ready to conquer the world, one milestone at a time! The crowd were literally chanting our name!

If you missed us on the expo floor and would like to hear more – book a demo today!