Proggio Brings You Automated Jira Listener And Time Tracking Reports

Proggio Brings You Automated Jira Listener And Time Tracking Reports

At Proggio, we’re all about helping project managers save time and resources — instead of adding more tedious tasks to your plate. Too many project management platforms claim to automate processes, but they actually just suck time from your already busy schedule.

That’s why we build a platform that adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

Now, we’re excited to share two new product updates designed to make your life even easier: automated Jira listener creation and time tracking reports.

Here’s how they can help you streamline your project management.

Automated Jira listener creation

The powerful Proggio to Jira bi-directional sync is now even more efficient with a new automated integration tool. Proggio project maps can now be connected to multiple Jira issues in a single click with minimal manual work.

Jira Listener

Gain even better sync between your project plans and Jira work management with Proggio’s Jira integration.

Now you can:

  1. Create multiple Jira listeners quickly and accurately, save time and create a full project sync in seconds.
  2. Select multiple activities and match to multiple Jira issues to create the Jira listeners with one click.
  3. Get clear listener creation results when the operation finishes creating the different listeners.
  4. Save valuable time, connect a complete project plan to multiple Jira issues without the need to go through them one by one.

Time Tracking reports 

Tracking the time dedicated to each activity and task is critical for professional services projects and has multiple other use cases for all companies. With the new project and portfolio time tracking reports, you can compare the project target time to the estimate, actual report and the remaining time. Time reports that are either filled in Proggio or being synced from other systems (Jira or other) are presented side by side to make sure all reported time is captured.

Jira Listener

With Proggio’s Time Tracking reports you can:

  1. Capture time spent from multiple sources into a single, clear project time tracking report.
  2. Compare project target with project plan, actual report and the remaining effort.
  3. Easily identify time tracking gaps, overallocation and resources limitations.

To review time tracking reports, simply select this view for projects or portfolios:

Time tracking

A more adaptive future for project management

Project management is constantly evolving, and so are we.

At Proggio, we’re always discovering new ways to help project managers innovate, automate, and gain complete clarity of their entire portfolios. So you can stay on track towards your goals and be the true hero of your organization.

Want to learn more about our adaptive project management platform? Book a demo to get started.