“Passion for Projects” 2023 Recap: Future of Meetings

PMl Sweden’s annual conference Passion for Projects featured inspirational speakers, fika galore and a perfect chance to meet PM consultants from all over Europe. Not to mention the impressive evening entertainment!
Most importantly, it took place at the super cool “Space” venue in central Stockholm. Proggio was proud to support this excellent event!

“Passion for Projects” 2023 Recap: Future of Meetings

Here’s a quick recap of our favorite highlights from the conference:

The Future of Meetings vs Digital Tools

The theme “The Future of Meetings” sparked a lot of interest and the speakers provided plenty of fascinating food for thought as well as tangible tools to support a digital shift.

Networking networking networking was the name of the game for Proggio. Our six-strong team knocked the created connections, shared insightful conversations and met over 100 attendees.

“Passion for Projects” 2023 Recap: Future of Meetings

“I believe that virtual meetings will become more and more prevalent, and that there will be less and less of a need for people to physically be in the same room together to conduct business. This will allow for greater flexibility, less travel, and ultimately more productivity.” – Richard Branson

Knocking your socks off swag

One of our highlights was “knocking the socks” off attendees and participants throughout the summit.

Our fabulous branded socks were one of the conference’s swag highlights, keeping people toes’ toasty through two snowy days!
Even the evening entertainment stars enjoyed them:

“Passion for Projects” 2023 Recap: Future of Meetings
“Passion for Projects” 2023 Recap: Future of Meetings

In case you didn’t read all of that, these were some of the highlights from the conference:

  • PM Consultants across Europe are seeking alternative solutions to endless and wasteful meetings
  • It is crucial for all organizations to establish a sustainable meeting culture with productive, engaging and efficient meetings
  • Nobody enjoys meeting for meeting’s sake, and therefore a meeting without a clear objective is frustrating for everybody involved as well as a very bad investment of time and resources
  • Workplace Communication expert – Antoni Lacinai’s opening keynote on how communication determines your engagement
  • Fika time – a typical Swedish tradition where you take time out of your day to pause and enjoy a hot drink and a snack.
  • Katerina Gospic’s inspiring insights on brain balance in a hyperconnected world

Eliminating Meetings, transitioning to tools

Whilst the team worked “the floor”, our sales superstar James presented Proggio’s platform in the conference’s onsite studio! His interview was streamed lived to hundreds of in person and virtual attendees who logged in from home. In true Proggio style he shared expert insights into the platform and handed out swag socks to all studio staff!

“Passion for Projects” 2023 Recap: Future of Meetings

All in all, Passion for Projects by PMI Sweden provided a fantastic opportunity to connect, learn, present the Proggio platform, and gain key insights into industry trends. We look forward to seeing what they have in store next year as we continue to innovate towards the future free of meetings.

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