Is Your PPM Solution Showing its Age?

We’ve all done it: become so comfortable with something that we almost don’t notice when it’s not
working for us any longer. Maybe it’s a favorite pair of shoes we should probably trade in for new ones.
Or a trusty car that’s starting to show its age. We grow so accustomed to making it work—maybe with a
new pair of insoles or a new seat cover to hide the wear—that soon our modifications and upgrades are
the only thing holding the entire thing together. Plus, the idea of upgrading to a newer model is scary.
What if it doesn’t work the way we’re used to?

Legacy PPM solutions are a lot like those well-worn shoes and that aging car: comfortable, but outdated.
Truth be told, yours might even be starting to pinch a little, make you look a bit shabby or leave you
stranded and late on projects because it can’t keep up with your new demands.

As resource efficiency, agility and time-to-market become critical business priorities, being able to adapt
to a dynamic environment is becoming an essential part of PPM. And if your current tools are slowing
you down, it puts your organization—and your talent—at risk. In fact, nearly one in five project
managers have considered leaving the profession, largely due to burnout. In most organizations,
projects are nearly always behind schedule, over budget and the teams feel overwhelmed.

Instead of worrying about whether a new PPM solution works the way you’re used to, you should be
asking, “What if it works even better?”

In today’s business environment, you need adaptive solutions that can keep pace with the speed of
modern business, accommodate multiple PM methodologies and provide your organization with a real-
time snapshot of where things stand. You also need insight on how proposed changes might impact the
timeline and the people doing the work. Without that clear visibility into current status and future
forecasting, you could be left blistered and broken down as your competition flies by.

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