How To Use Resource Management to Reach Operational Excellence 

How To Use Resource Management to Reach Operational Excellence 

As every good project management professional knows, if you don’t plan then you plan to fail. When starting to plan a project, there are so many parts and considerations that need to be taken into account. However, one could argue that out of every element of a project plan, your human resources are the engine or the mechanism that all the work gets done. 

The people working on your project are the most important part and resource of the work getting done. With that being said, when creating a plan, not only should your plan include a plan for workloads and meeting deadlines with the team members you will be utilizing, but also it should include mechanisms to protect your human resources from overburdening demands and fall hopes of meeting deadlines without capacity safeguards. 

An Example of Capacity Planning in Resource Management

When searching for a PPM solution to help you plan, make sure to select one that has the capabilities listed above to aid you in your planning. Here is an example of what that looks like from our resource management solution in Proggio

By having a tool that is visual and intuitive to use like the example able, and is a software solution that has unlimited user licenses, you are able to miss many of the pitfalls that prevent organizations from reaching operational excellence when it comes to resource management. 

3 Ways Resource Management Leads to Operational Excellence

Optimized Resource Allocation:

Resource management ensures that available resources are allocated strategically to projects and tasks based on priority and organizational goals.By prioritizing and aligning resources with the most critical and value-driven initiatives, organizations can maximize the impact of their efforts, fostering operational excellence.

By using a PPM solution that leverages the use of pre-planned resource allocation, it’s easier to see the bigger picture and therefore choose the right areas of work to focus resources on without getting distracted by minor deviations that may derail a project.

Improved Efficiency:

Effective resource management streamlines workflows, reduces bottlenecks, and eliminates resource conflicts. This leads to improved operational efficiency as teams can work more cohesively and with minimal interruptions. Proper resource allocation ensures that teams have the necessary tools and support, allowing them to complete tasks more efficiently and enhance overall productivity.

Going back to the example above from Proggio, by having a feature that highlights when resources are at capacity, you are able to make plans that are much more concrete and founded on the realities of the workloads that need to get done. This way no one is held back when it comes to getting their work done because of the lack of resources. Team members can confidently move forward in their work because the demand has already been calculated and accounted for, and all they need to do is just follow the plan for their workload.

Also, one other important aspect of a PPM is using one that allows for unlimited users. That way everyone can get on and directly see what their work is. No one is sharing credentials.

Proactive Risk Management:

Resource management facilitates the identification of potential resource constraints and bottlenecks early in the project or operational lifecycle. By addressing resource challenges proactively, organizations can mitigate risks associated with delays, ensuring that projects and operations stay on schedule and within budget.

Like it was mentioned earlier, removing the guesswork by putting a plan together ahead of a project guarantees that the work being done is not overburdening your resources. Have a capacity threshold in place so that when you plan there is no oversight on the burden of work. This proactive approach removes the risk of a lack of resources before you commit to deadlines and deliverables that are unrealistic for your stakeholders.


In conclusion, effective resource management stands as a cornerstone for achieving operational excellence in project management. Recognizing human resources as the driving force behind project success, it is imperative for safeguarding team members from overburdening demands and ensuring capacity safeguards. Leveraging modern PPM solutions, exemplified by Proggio’s resource management tool, allows organizations to optimize resource allocation, enhance operational efficiency, and proactively manage risks, ultimately paving the way for project delivery and achieving operational excellence.

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