Highlights: House of PMO Event Recap

Last week, the bustling city of London played host to the highly anticipated annual House of PMO event. This marked the 5th consecutive year of the conference and Proggio’s first time participating. We had an absolute blast, exhibiting in a venue buzzing with energy and an incredible lineup of speakers. The energy and ideas in the air were palpable, and we had a incredible experience networking and connecting with PMO professionals from across the UK and Europe.

The Set-up….

We had a lot of fun setting up our Proggio-clad booth, showcasing our branded swag, including our founder and CEO Yaniv Shor’s book on new working methods in the world of project management, Proggio shopping trolley coin keyrings, and exciting surprises for our poll raffle winners!

The Best of the Sessions..

The House of PMO conference kicked off with a bang, launching into a plethora of insightful sessions and engaging workshops. Attendees were treated to a diverse range of topics, covering everything from contributions to net zero outcomes, to the latest trends in PMO methodologies. All speakers were industry experts and influencers, armed with invaluable knowledge and thought-provoking practical tips to share.

One of the highlights was the closing keynote by renowned writer, journalist and broadcaster, Matthew Syed. He focused on how to avoid project failure by testing in advance, and trying to improve processes before implementation – a message that resounded with all PMO leaders in the room.

The event also provided ample opportunities for networking and collaboration among attendees, speakers and exhibitors. PMOs from various industries, ranging government, to academic to commercial connected, exchanging ideas and experiences. It was truly a melting pot of expertise, with professionals from different backgrounds coming together to create a dynamic and supportive community, whilst having a lot of fun at the same time.

In addition to the enriching sessions, the House of PMO event had a vibrant and buzzing exhibition area – featuring Proggio’s booth front and center! Here, leading PMO solution providers showcased their latest tools and technologies attendees had a chance to explore the future of PMO. We had the chance to meet over 80 impressive PMO professionals and showcase Proggio’s adaptive and forward thinking capabilities at our interactive and visual booth. One of our highlights was the poll we ran on the future of meetings, culminating in a raffle of top Proggio prizes which we handed out at the end of the conference.

Proggio champion customer Guy Whittaker, from Appetito
visits the Proggio booth
PM influencer Ken Burrell receiving his Proggio swag raffle prizes!

As the event came to a close, participants left the venue buzzing with fresh ideas and renewed motivation. The House of PMO event in London was a true celebration of PMO excellence and an opportunity to build great connections, showcase our adaptive and innovative project management platform, and a rare opportunity to connect and network with customers face-to-face!

The After-party….

Of course, no event is complete without a bit of fun over a drink or three! The House of PMO organizers didn’t disappoint in that department as we continued to a cold cider, and curry fueled evening to unwind, mingle, and continue to share all things PMO. It was the perfect way to relax after a day filled with knowledge-sharing, networking and inspiration.

Our team had the chance to chat to global PMO experts and influencers who had flown in especially for the conference! This provided a unique and valuable opportunity to share Proggio’s powerful capabilities in a less formal and structured environment – naturally resulting in countless selfies!

We’re already looking forward to the next House of PMO event! In the meantime, let’s continue embracing innovation, pushing boundaries, and making a significant impact in project management. Book a Proggio demo to explore it as a fit for your PMO.
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