Highlights from the Project World Conference: A Glimpse into Toronto’s Project Management Frontier

A couple of weeks back the bustling city of Toronto recently played host to the Business Analysts’ conference of the year – Project World, a gathering that brought together global project management professionals from various industries and disciplines. With its vibrant atmosphere and rich project management landscape, Toronto proved to be the perfect backdrop for this esteemed event. Check out our key highlights below:

Our team of Proggio champs spread their sainthood among hundreds of project managers and business analysts from across North America. One of our favorite moments was raffling off our amazing prices to a handful of lucky attendees. Well done to all of our winners:

Winner of Monitor TV – Patty Fox – Head of PMO, from Nuclear Waste Management

Winner of Proggio Stanley cup – Veronique Oliver, Director of pmo at Innovobot

Winner of Proggio tumbler – James Kaminsky – Director of PMO at Maple Leaf Foods  :muscle:

We spread Proggio’s trademark energy by conducting our ultimate PM playlist poll and playing feel-good tunes at our booth. Our sales superstars engaged with 70+ project management professionals, showcasing our cutting-edge tool.

To conclude, the Project World Conference was a huge success, bringing together a diverse community of like-minded project management professionals! Our Project Management pros undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the professionals seeking the ultimate tool for delivering successful projects in today’s dynamic business landscape. The conference provided an excellent opportunity to platform the adaptive and intuitive project management tool. If you missed us, or just want to hear more – book a demo with us today!