Highlights: APM “Change Changes”Conference

A couple of weeks back we had the incredible opportunity to make our UK debut, and exhibit at the APM Conference in Birmingham for the first time!

Firstly, the venue was buzzing with the palpable energy of over 480 Project Management enthusiasts as they flooded into the state-of-the-art lakeside exhibition centre, eager to explore and discover new products and services. It felt like a bustling PM marketplace filled with excitement and curiosity and an appetite to learn more. Luckily – Proggio was placed in the prime spot – lakeside, and taking in Birmingham’s finest bridge innovations!

Our booth was strategically designed to catch the attendees’ attention – boasting colourful and eye-catching displays, and an interactive demo to engage the crowds. At one point the crowds around our booth were so big that we almost had a queue forming around our demo display! And let’s not forget the fun part – swag! We had a range of quirky and original giveaways, from branded pens, to our CEO Yaniv Shor’s acclaimed book, to eccentric Proggio socks.

We had the chance to showcase our adaptive ppm tool of the future – a very fitting compliment to the conference’s theme of “Change Changes” – referring to the rapid changes taking place in today’s working world. It was an incredible opportunity to share a platform that really can answer all pm professionals’ needs in one, user friendly and visual first interface. It was clear that demand was high, interest was piqued, and a high volume of discovery meetings were scheduled for post-conference!

Networking was another highlight. The exhibitor area was a buzzing hub, with fellow exhibitors and attendees mingling and exchanging ideas. We got to connect with professionals from different industries, discuss common challenges, and explore potential collaborations and learning opportunities. Friendships were forged, and inspiration shared – providing a steady hum of activity even when attendees were in session.

The APM conference organizers did a fantastic job of creating a vibrant atmosphere, fueled by fascinating sessions and regular coffee and snack breaks. The lively ambiance, coupled with the energy and enthusiasm of everyone present, provided the perfect environment for showcasing our unveiling Proggio the UK!

Overall, exhibiting at the APM Conference in Birmingham was a fantastic experience. It allowed us to showcase our offerings, engage with a passionate audience, and create meaningful connections. The lively atmosphere, networking opportunities, and positive interactions made it a memorable event for both our team and the attendees. We can’t wait to be a part of it again next year!

Lucy Brown, one of the lucky Proggio Poll raffle winners with her new Proggio Stanley!
Sharing Proggio’s capabilities in an interview with the conference’s production crew!

We’re already looking forward to the next APM flagship conference later this year! In the meantime, let’s keep embracing innovation, pushing boundaries, and making a significant impact in project management. Book a Proggio demo to explore how it can be a fit for your PMO. Interested in Yaniv’s book? Reach out to [email protected]