Funniest Desk Toys 2023

We all know that desk toys are an essential part of any productive workday. They keep your hands busy and your mind focused on the task at hand And if you’re lucky, they might give you a good laugh. We’re kicking off a brand new series featuring our recommendations for different types of desk toys.

We’ll start with a few of our favorite funny desk toys to provide some light relief in those frustrating, hand-wringing moments:

1. The Newton’s Cradle: This classic desk toy is both mesmerizing and hilarious. Watching it can either create an instant atmosphere of calm and Zen, or if you’re feeling frustrated, you can always give it a good whack and watch the chaos ensue!

2. The Fingerboard: Remember when fingerboards were all the rage in the late 90s/early 2000s? Well, they’re back, and they’re just as hilarious as ever. There’s something inherently funny about watching a tiny plastic skateboarder do tricks on your desk.

3. The Rubber Chicken: This one’s a classic. Nothing says “I take my work seriously” like having a rubber chicken on your desk. Bonus points if you can make it squawk during a conference call.

4.The Stress Ball: Okay, this one isn’t technically funny, but it’s definitely necessary. When the day is getting to be too much, a good squeeze of a stress ball can do wonders for your mood. Plus, if you have a particularly ridiculous stress ball , it can provide some much-needed comic relief.

5. The Batman bobblehead: With its ridiculously exaggerated bobbing head, the toy brings a playful element to your work desk, and the sturdy base ensures it won’t fall over easily. This toy will most definitely add a touch of superhero flair to your workspace!

6. Magnetic Head of Einstein: Picture this – you’re at your desk, staring at a pile of endless deadlines and wondering what the great Albert Einstein would do in your shoes. Meet the silly-faced Albert Einstein desk toy, complete with lolling tounge – the ultimate inspiration and paperclip holder! This mini Einstein stands at a whopping 3.75″ tall, complete with a magnetic head for all your hair styling needs. The ultimate inspiring AND silly desk companion!

So there you have it – a compilation of the best and silliest of today’s desk distractions. To chat to us about avoiding burnout and boredom in your day-to-day, schedule a demo with Proggio’s PM experts.