5 Iconic Things That Turn 40 In 2023

The ‘A’ Team

Proggio, much like the A-Team, steps in when traditional approaches fall short. With its innovative PPM features, Proggio becomes the go-to resource for organizations seeking effective project management solutions. Whether you’re facing complex project landscapes, struggling to gain insights into your portfolio, or grappling with resource allocation, Proggio’s dynamic brains are ready to tackle the toughest challenges.

MJ’s Thriller Video

Even those who weren’t especially fond of his dance-pop hits found something to enjoy in the Thriller video, a 14-minute masterpiece featuring the funkiest zombies that anyone ever saw. Just as the “Thriller” video transcended musical preferences, Proggio surpasses the boundaries of the standard project management tool. It streamlines productivity, and elevates business efficiency, with its dynamic features and transformative potential.

Swatch Watch

The Swatch watch was introduced to the world by Swiss businessman, Nicholas Hayek. Putting a decidedly ’80s spin on tasteful and neutral-colored wristwatches, he revitalized the watch accessory industry thanks to bold and vibrant analog quartz marvels. The classic swatch can keep you on track as you navigate your day, much like Proggio and its innovative time tracking feature!

Mario Bros

Just like the groundbreaking video game that introduced us to the iconic Mario and Luigi, Proggio serves as a touchstone, bridging the gap between the past and future of project management. With its unique combination of simplicity combined with its extensive capabilities, Proggio revolutionizes the way we approach and execute projects.

The Mobile Phone

Remember the iconic DynaTAC, the first commercially available cellphone introduced by Motorola? It was a game-changer that transformed the way we communicate, becoming an indispensable part of our daily lives. Today, much like the progression from basic cellphones to smart devices, Proggio redefines project portfolio management (PPM) with its all-in-one, visually appealing, and innovative interface.

So there you have it – we’re in good company! And after all, age is just a number 😉 If you’re not already subscribed to our weekly newsletter, click here. We’ll keep you informed on all the latest Proggio news and PM industry trends!